I'm going to be making a Deathwing army...except that I have like 14 Space Wolf Terminators, soooo I'm going to make a Space Wolf version.

They are the old style Termies, (still on the small bases even!) so I won't even be able to sell them for much since the new Termies came out. But as I am using 13th Company rules, I can't use all of these Terminators for anything, so I'm building a small "Deathwing" army (yes I will be creating a better name for it than Wolfwing).

My question to all of you is this: Generally speaking, would you have a problem with this kind of army? In the DA codex, the only restriction for a DW army is that you use Terminators, Dreads and LR's. So if I did the same, only using SW or 13th rules, would that still work?

I know some of my opponents won't care, but would a lot of people mind....?