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Thread: Doodads

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    Don't ya love 'em? Purity seals, ammo bags, scopes, auspexes, scrolls, hand grenades, hanging thingies with writing on them... those are just the space marine ones, but they are the only ones I know.
    Anyway, I noticed that, in the codex, all of the guys have an exessive amount of doodads: one guy has a hanging thing on his shoulder next to a cluster of purity seals, and an ammo bag! It makes me jealous.(
    I think the new sm boxed set has more, but it costs more, due to the fact that it has plasma gun, melta gun, power sword, power fist, flamer, plasma pistol, and missile launcher bitz in it. I wish i had started collecting later, so I could have gotten it instead of my regular tac squad sets

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    There doesn’t really seem to be a reason for this thread, except to complain about the amount of extra details for the miniatures, or rather lack thereof. The reason why the figures in the Codices have more stuff is of course because they have to look good for the Codices; if you want that kind of details on your own figures you’ll just have to pay for it. It might be annoying, but that’s just the way it is, or everything would be a lot more expensive than it already is. You can always consider converting some of your minis, or make those extra details for them yourself. In any case, this thread seems pointless and has therefore been closed. Thank you.

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Closed Thread

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