Hey everyone, I just returned from the first meeting of the very first Deathwing Club located in Tempe, Arizona. The Deathwing Club has been founded by the local GW store Manager, Kyle, who will be moving to Los Angeles on Tuesday to manage the Battle Bunker over there. The club is centered on the idea of furthering the hobby in the local area by getting people interested in Warhammer 40k the game and the modeling aspect of the hobby. We had a great turnout, but we would love to have more. The plan is to get the Deathwing Club running here in the Phoenix area and also in Los angeles and hopefully to expand to everywhere that the game can be purchased.

If you live in the Phoenix area or know someone who does, or even if you just want to learn more about what we plan to do or to become involved, contact me and I will either get you the information you need or I can direct you to someone who can.

Our division is made up of all levels of players and painters. We have beginners and even painters who have either been featured in or will be featured in the White Dwarf in the next couple of months. We even had a "Counts-As" competition today that turned out some amazing models and some very innovative conversion ideas.