Blue Table Painting Update
Saturday, November 19, 2005 Issue 51

Scythes of the Emperor
One of our top painters finished a Scythes of the Emperor Space Marine army—the fruition of the Tyranid Hunters concept from a few updates ago. They turned out fabulously. He took them to a Rogue Trader Tournament today and they bagged the top award for appearance!

This army features:
• Conversion work on nearly every piece
• Lots of Forge World upgrades
• Custom special order decals

So happens this army is for sale as of very late Saturday night (November 19). See the pics and purchasing details here:

I should have a spreadsheet in the Downloads section by Monday.

Adopt an Army
There are two Warhammer Fantasy armies on Blue Table’s website: High Elves and Ogres. See here for pics of both (you’ll need to go to the right sub-section). Oh, and there is a massive gallery for the Ogres.

It’s time to get some offers on the table. Please email me with: army you want, how much you offer is for, and when you can pay. Don’t be shy now, nor worry about offending me with a low offer. It’s like a silent auction. I can’t stand looking at those sad little eyes any longer.

Flames of War!
I found some figures on one of my painter’s desks along with a rulebook from Flames of War. A lot of clients have been asking about it and here is the price guide:

 Infantry base (4-6 figures) basic: $5.00 per stand
 Infantry base (4-6 figures) detailed: $7.00 per stand
 Vehicle- basic: $5.00
 Vehicle- detailed: $8.00

There is a $0.50 per stand break for a run of 50+ stands. Likewise for vehicles.
Assembly is $1.00 per stand or vehicle.

Aaaand some basic samples:

You just need to send pics and/or links and/or printouts in your instructions or package. If you want exact colors, send what paint you want used. We’ll send it back!

You can get any basing style you want from our menu of sixteen styles. Remember, turnaround is only a few weeks.

Super Magnet Power
I just acquired some awesome magnets that are strong enough to attach tank turrets, sponsons and dreadnought arms. I also got some that are small enough for fine work like Tau Crisis Suit weapons. This service appears as pegged weapons now but will show as magnetized weapons in the future. The cost includes magnets, assembly, and painting of the alternate weapon.

They are so strong that their pull will affect another magnet all the way through the body of a Space Marine Dreadnought.

The History of Tanks
Blue Table charges a premium to paint tanks. No longer! You will see a reduction in prices for painting vehicles immediately.

Here’s the history: A year ago I quoted a reasonable price for some IG tanks, but when they arrived they had almost every part from the equipment sprue on them, plus some from other kits. You get the value you pay for! So, I timed them all. It took almost twice as long to do them. Well, I averaged the amount of stuff on a typical tank and came up with a price. It takes the same amount to paint a tank as it does to paint twelve infantry—that’s how the pricing came about.

Now, I have included a line for extra equipment on a vehicle. So, if you just want the basics, you’ll get a better price. If you want to load it up, you won’t pay more than before.

Now Taking Projects for December
Get your army slated for completion in December. A few slots are still open for early December and the rest of the month is clear. Don’t forget that you can have models sent directly to Blue Table from Neal has great prices and will knock off another 5% if you mention Blue Table. We are getting more efficient with each passing month. Most projects now only take a few weeks to get done.

If you’d like our Instructions sheet you can download it HERE.

Just Finished Recently
• One Daemonhunter army in dark red, black and gold.
• A Paladin and Wizard and retinue for a D&D game.
• Some resin models by Fantasy Flight Games. Nagas, Giant Spiders, Manticores and Dragons. Very reasonably priced for the DM on a budget.
• Nurgle Lord on bike (for sale)
• An amazing Forge World Bloodthirster and fabulously converted Khorne Chariot and Bloodcrushers. They’re amazing. Pics should be up on Monday.
• Daemonic Legion Chariot of Nurgle (Proclaimers style—also for sale)
If you like any of this, it can all be duplicated.

I’ve been populating the Downloads section of the website. When a project is completed, I’ll be putting up the project breakdown spreadsheet. Anything you see in the Gallery can be duplicated.

Basing Styles
I’m so proud of this project! We did sample bases for all twelve of our basic base styles. There will be twenty base styles before it’s all over.

Corrupted of Nurga
A local game shop is running a build-up-to-it 40K campaign, so I’m bringing a waagh of Orks that have been corrupted by Nurgle. This was inspired by a picture I saw in a codex (that I can’t seem to find now). It’s a dual list—it can be played as Orks or Chaos. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Necromantic Test Subject Needed
We’re looking for someone to commission a lot of GW skeletons very, very inexpensively: $0.90 for assembly, and $1.75 for painting. Email Shawn at if interested. You can even buy the skeletons from us for $1.25 each.

I went out with my daughter on a Daddy-Daughter date. When we left my son was a bit put out, ~~why can’t I go on a Daddy-Daughter date?~~ I’m savoring this time when my kids can be entertained by $2.00 of quarters.

A new local game shop opened up, and we’ve been supporting them heartily. Blakfyre Games is clean and professionally operated, a rarity in the field. We go there on Thursdays for dungeoneering and shooting of the bull. I keep armies and centerpiece models under glass there.

Griffin got another hair cut. He’s six months old and looks adorable in page-boy style hair. He’s starting to soldier-crawl from room to room. He just loves to be where we are. I uploaded some pics of him and his first meal of rice cereal. I remember Jonah’s first birthday. They made him a huge chocolate cake, but wouldn’t let him dig in as he wanted. I took that cake, put it right in front of him and let him tear it to pieces and smear it all over his clothes and hair. I think that was the happiest day of his life.

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