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    Starting a new Space Marine Army

    I currently have a space wolf army, a little over 1500 points. I'm trying to trim it down so that I can play in the local hobby shops, since they only play (usually) up to 1500.

    SO.. I looked and poked around, and thought about Ultramarines and Crimson Fists. Namely, i dig the color schemes of both. But I don't like the name of the Crimson Fists, and the Ultramarines seem too standardized for me. So I'm not entirely sure on what to chose. What drives me away from the Ultramarines is that it seems everyone has one. Thats the primary reason why I chose Space Wolves, beacuse not many go after that particular brand - but it backfired. So many people shun the Space Wolves that the models are becoming mail-order only from So any help is appreciated

    I like a well balanced shooty army and close combat, leaning more towards firearms, but I love models that look high and mighty - like what Jesus would wear if he was a Space Marine.

    But at the same time I don't have the time, energy, or patience to create my own chapter.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

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    There is a Chapter Name Generator floating around. Look for it. Then play around in the interactive painter on GW site until you get a scheme you like.

    A custom Chapter doesn't have to be more then name, colorscheme and traits you choose from the basic Marine 'Dex. The fluff etc will come in naturally at some point, for the beginning just don't bother.

    That's in fact how I came up with my DIY, the Raven Knights. First I just needed a bunch of Marines for a story. Then I came up with the color scheme. Then the idea that the majority of the Chapter are bikers. Bit by bit it eventually all came to a whole, and now I am building an army of them - even though that was not the original intention when I invented them.

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