Blue Table Painting is looking for a full-time assembler/painter. Blue Table has been in business and steadily growing for two years now. We have a crew of four full time and two part time staff. We are looking for a fifth person to work here full time.

Read all about us at There is a virtual tour of the studio in the Studio Information section.

I just know there is someone out there who wants desperately to do what they love for a living. Someone who is a talented miniatures enthusiast whose true talent is wasted at their current job.

Blue Table’s studio is in downtown Spanish Fork, Utah. Taking this job means moving here. We can help you find a place to live.

Starting pay is $1200-1800 per month depending on your productivity and the hours you put in. There is plenty of work to be done.

Is that enough to live on? Spanish Fork has a very reasonable cost of living. A small family can buy a house with a mortgage of $800 per month. A single person can find a one-bedroom apartment for around $400 per month and two bedroom places are $500-600 per month.

We need someone right away. There are projects lined up for late January that need doing. Even if you cannot make the transition soon, inquire anyway, we are likely to need talent down the road.

This is not a high-paying job at a mega-corporation with benefits, travel expenses, company car, and 401K. The good news is that you won’t want to hang yourself every Monday morning. Morale and esprit de corps here is exceptionally high. You also get to set your own schedule.

Please contact Shawn Gately at if you are interested in more information. Please have “Painter Needed� as your subject line.

Shawn G.