We were assigned a project in English, which is to write a 25 page (minimum) story in a genera of our choice. Well that's a no brainer, and I have an idea for the story. It will be a Space Marine/Grey Knight/Inquisitor (not sure yet) who gets stranded on a planet inhabited by humans who have never heard of the Imperium or the Emperor. The story will basicly be an acount of his experiences/adventures on that planet.
Please give any ideas, input, obscure fluff that I may need to know, and especially links to sites that may have improtant fluff. Thanks in advance for your help.

Woops :o I just found Krumpet4You's post in the creative corner. As you might have guessed, we are in the same English class. I guess I should have added this on to his post, that probably would have made it easier on everyone. Sorry I hope you still post here as well. Thanks!