Well first off, I know this is a what should i collect next thread but I need some real
advice since I cant get to my GW unless I take a city bus for a couple hours and its
so out of my way just to ask questions. I was hoping you guys could be nice and help
me induldge in my little problem.

The question is, I've been gaining alot of interest in WHFB lately, I've already
got a Lizzardman battalion box and a rules guide and I've been working on painting
and assembeling them. Thats not the point tho, I am looking for a few off projects
on what to collect next.

I currently play WH40k and collect the Imperial forces, SM, IG, and WH so I guess
you can say I play for the good guys, but I want something different.

I've been thinking about Ogres, Undead, and Dark Elves for off projects in WHFB They
all have appealing signature playing styles but I'm just stuck and I need advice.

I know that some of the ranges are expensive like DE and such so I was wondering
if I could get some really good insight and advice for collecting something fun and
rewarding while I'm working on my Lizzardmen army. Oh yeah dont forget those Skavin!

Thanks for all your help so far guys
Dj A.k.