Hey everyone, godly news for myself, and then a request for some help. I'm currently a freshman at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, double majoring in Computer Sciences, and Interactive Media and Game Development. Anyway I've been searching for a job for the summer, and one of my opponents at our store has told me that he is speaking with his manager about hiring me for the summer. He has also asked me to write him a program which will calculate the statistics of any given situation in Warhammer Fantasy. (if _____ charges ____, what will statistically happen?)

Anyway I've got a good base code up and running, which can calculate the probability of such events, but Warhammer has sooooo many little details and exceptions, that my program only works for the most basic of units. (swordsmen vs spearmen for example). I have yet to integrate features such as frenzy, killing blow, AP weapons, the fact that Elves handle spears differently than humans, etc.

So I have this sneaking suspicion that my friend has asked me to write this program as a test of my coding abilities. Naturally I want this program to be as efficient as possible, and be able to handle all sorts of crazy exceptions that show up in warhammer.

I'm asking for anyone with a good deal of experience in Java to PM if interested in helping me. I won't post the specifics of what I'm having trouble with in here, but if you message me, I will let you know what I'm struggling with. Much thanks for anyone who takes the time to help out!