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Thread: Fantasy-40K

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    im sorry SHIGGY's thread has been closed, so i will re-phrase it a bit:shifty:

    (i know this will be locked 2)

    Ok what fantasy armies would equal 40k armies in their roll, worship etc?

    this is a kinda list i made:

    Brettonia: Space marines, more likely Daemonhunters, not sure at-all
    High elf: no second though, they even worship the same gods, Eldar
    Dark elf:....Dark eldar
    Empire: IG im pretty sure
    Lizardmen: tyranids
    Wood elf: Tau
    Dwarfs: old school squats!
    Tomb kings:necrons
    Vampire counts:Hmm no more races left....

    The commandments of the space marines
    1) thou shalt not put a 'honk if u think im sexy sticker on the sisters rhino
    2)C-3P0 is NOT a necron ambasador
    3) thou shalt not ask a banshee, to karaoke
    4)thou shalt not ask the inquisition to bring down the exterminatus on you ex-wife

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    It might have occurred to you that the other thread was closed for a reason. Frankly, I don’t see why you would even consider continuing a discussion that is so entirely without any meaningful purpose; Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 are two entirely different games that haven’t had anything in common for a long time, and comparing the armies from a fluffy point of view makes no sense whatsoever.

    Since you already know this thread will be locked too, this should come as no surprise: Thread closed.

    "Girls are nice and cuddly on the outside, and freaky on the inside." ~ Lost Nemesis.

Closed Thread

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