Blue Table Painting Update
Monday, May 8, 2006
Issue 73

Spring Cleaning
You get the idea. Out with the old. In with the new.

And if that huge Reaper skeleton goes for $1.29 I think I’m going to cry. You wouldn’t want to see a grown man cry, would you? Cause I’ll do it. I’m not messing around. <squinches face>

Blue Table’s eBay Auctions

Guest Artists
Blue Table has started a program where artists can put their work for sale on our website. We have two guest artists right now code named Lime Dragon and Legions Forward. See their work in the For Sale section (you will have to go to the Guest Artist section)

Or go direct:

Lime Dragon really wants to move those Eldar along so feel free to contact me with an offer for the lot.

There’s a whole Dwarf army in there, too. Nice stuff, very solid paint job—they look striking on the battlefield.

When you buy from a guest artist, you deal with Blue Table. We ship and follow up, so buy with confidence.

Speaking of Which
With our new and rocking staff we have been able to get a lot of figures in the For Sale section of our website— some respectable forces that make it worth looking around.

Right now we are working on seven WHF Giants and every model made for Hordes so far. Keep your eyes peeled for Hordes, I mean it!

If you can’t find something, it is probably in the New Stuff section at the top. A lot of listings are kept there for a few weeks.

New Studio
It’s official. All the papers are signed. We’re moving to a rocking new studio. It’s spacious, it’s professional office space, it has awesome A/C. And at a good price, too. We’re moving everything over on Friday morning, May 19. When we’re moved in, I’ll be putting up a new Virtual Tour so you all can check out our new digs.

As of Monday, May 22 we will be at our new location. Everything will be the same except the address. Don’t worry about sending stuff to the wrong location, we have someone at our current location to receive and guard packages.

New Address

Blue Table Painting
765 North Main Street
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

That’s right, it’s exactly five blocks up. One digit changed, that’s it.

I am itching to play this game. Quivering with antici……pation. I bought every sculpt I could lay my hands on and expert artists are enthusiastically working on every last one. Get the downloads here:

Check out the game here:

We can make your Hordes collection miraculously appear on your doorstep. I know you want one. No, don’t try and deny it.

Now Scheduling for late May
There are a few slots open for the week of May 22. It’s wide open in June.

Have a project needs doing? Just send us a list of what you’d like done and we’ll help you through the process. If you decide that now is not the right time to have your work done, that’s just fine, at least you’ll know how it works.

Do you have a ton of unorganized pewter in the garage? You can just box it up and send it out. We’ll transform all those pieces into a finished army that you’ll be proud to have on your gaming table.

We accept Paypal. Using a credit card to make a Paypal payment is just as easy as a credit card checkout on a typical website.

Don’t like Paypal? A MO is fine. We’ll work with you.

Notable Stuff on the Block
The Evil Dwarves
Look here
Buy them here

The Goblin Ashigaru
Or you can indulge your inner Goblin and buy it here:

The Eldar Fire Dragon army
Look and drool here
Buy them here (look in Now Available)
Project Breakdown

Barbed Heirodule from Forge World

Meet the Staff
You can meet the staff here. I just took these pics this last week.

Two Armies for Fantasy- now 50% off
Blue Table has two unpainted Warhammer armies available: Skaven and Beastmen. They are unassembled current edition models (except the Skaven have a few OOP stuff). If you would like to commission them, the materials are 50% off. Email for details.

Spring has sprung in Utah valley. It is so beautiful it makes me want to weep. The trees are in bloom, and white steeples pierce clouds of color. Gentle showers sweep over the land.

It’s official! Griffin’s first word is <waaazup!> He says it with meaning, as a greeting to his father. It’s hilarious. Mom doesn’t like it at all. I can’t believe he’s one.

I’m still at 207 El Bees and not liking it at all. Yes, I know the way out. But I’m so comfortable!

I have long avoided doing <levels> of work. Blue Table does whole armies at what most services would call <level 2>. However, the reality is that we now have staff on board that can do work all over the place.

Level 1- Just the Basics
What you get: Just the basics (no eyes, decals, little detail work, 5-10 pics of the final work). The subsidiary studio that does this work is called Blue Griffon and there are pics up in the Completed Projects section of Blue Table’s gallery.
Price: Half the listed price for painting.

Level 2- Good Standard
What you get: What we normally do. Look on the website at Warhammer armies.
Price: the normal price listed.

Level 3- High End
What you get: Take a look at recent Confrontation work, that’s about right. Twice the effort and time is put into these figures.
Price: twice the price listed. For standard Confrontation work, it’s 1.5x the rate that would be charged for Warhammer models.

We haven’t brought home any Golden Daemons (yet) to be charging $100-200 a figure, so that’s the limit for now.

Would you like to work for Blue Table?
I’m constantly on the lookout for good talent. If you think you have something to contribute, make yourself known. Have you tried to start your own painting service, but found yourself bogged in the administrative stuff? I have a written application/interview that I will send on request.

Reach out and Touch Someone
You can IM Shawn, the owner:
• Yahoo Messenger ID is jazzmouth
• MSN Messenger ID is bluetablepainting

You can IM Lavender, the office manager:
• Yahoo Messenger ID is middlepillarpath

Best regards,
Shawn Gately

PS- If you've read this far, you're either unemployed, have super-concentration, or clinically insane. In any instance, I'd just love to hear from you. What could make this newsletter better?