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    Blue Table Update 74- Lime Dragon

    Blue Table Painting Update
    Monday, May 15, 2006
    Issue 74

    The Move
    On Thursday evening (May eighteenth) we are moving to the new studio. On Friday morning we will be open for business as usual. Everything will be the same except the address. Don’t worry about sending stuff to the wrong location, we have someone at our old location to receive and guard packages/letters until May 25.

    New address is:

    Blue Table Painting, Inc.
    765 North Main Street
    Spanish Fork, UT 84660

    Forge World Order
    I am making a Forge World Order on Friday May 19. Anyone want to order something? There’s no cost for shipping from the UK since it will be a bulk order. Anyone? Come on, you know you want to.

    Guest Artists
    Blue Table has started a program where artists can put their work on our website. We have two guest artists right now code named Lime Dragon and Legions Forward. See their work in the For Sale section (you will have to go to the Guest Artist section)

    Or go direct:

    Lime Dragon really wants to move those Eldar along so feel free to contact me with an offer for the lot. This would make a great first army, or alternate army.

    We will have an army up for Legions Forward

    When you buy from a guest artist, you deal with Blue Table. We ship and follow up, so buy with confidence.

    Crying Shame
    A very talented local artist agreed to take a single project, a Warband of Skorne. Well, she had them outside for matte coating. While they were drying someone stole them. Can you believe that?

    Trollbloods are up and for sale. The Totem Hunter is already gone. Legion is coming very soon and looking good so far. New releases and a whole run of new stuff is coming in on the 17th.

    The giants are coming. Four are finished with a fifth and sixth very near completion. The Office Manager, Heather L. did a Devil Giant that is just amazing. It’s the trippiest thing you’ll ever see. She did a tremendous job on it.

    Hordes Special
    Until June 15, when you commission a Hordes Warpack box, you get the box for $25.

    I am itching to play this game. Quivering with antici……pation. I bought every sculpt I could lay my hands on and expert artists are enthusiastically working on every last one. Get the downloads here:

    Check out the game here:

    We can make your Hordes collection miraculously appear on your doorstep. I know you want one. No, don’t try and deny it.

    Now Scheduling for late June
    Do I need to say more, really?

    Notable Stuff on the Block
    The Evil Dwarves
    Look here
    Buy them here

    The Goblin Ashigaru
    Or you can indulge your inner Goblin and buy it here:

    The Eldar Fire Dragon army
    Look and drool here
    Buy them here (look in Now Available)
    Project Breakdown

    Barbed Heirodule from Forge World

    Meet the Staff
    You can meet the staff here. I just took these pics this last week.

    Two Armies for Fantasy- now 50% off
    Blue Table has two unpainted Warhammer armies available: Skaven and Beastmen. They are unassembled current edition models (except the Skaven have a few OOP stuff). If you would like to commission them, the materials are 50% off. Email for details.

    Movement Trays Discontinued
    Blue Table’s home-made movement trays are no longer. We will still make them for clients that wish to expand existing armies, but for the time being, we are doing away with movement trays. Later on, we are going to have a new type of better tray.

    With the addition of new crew I am at last able to spend more time at home with the family. My family is so precious to me. My kids will never look out at a sea of chairs to find their father’s chair empty.

    We got a little volleyball set for the back yard, just a cheap one for kids, and Jonah has been having a blast with that. It alternates as a soccer goal.

    The weather is just amazing right now. It’s warm, yet with a cool breeze, sort of a heavenly symphony of various weather types from warm showers to afternoon breezes and distant white clouds scudding across the sky like white-blossom ships on a pale blue sea. Utah Valley is such a beautiful place to live, like being in a picture.

    Reach out and Touch Someone
    You can IM Shawn, the owner:
    • Yahoo Messenger ID is jazzmouth
    • No one contacts me on MSN, so I have stopped using it.

    You can IM Lavender, the office manager:
    • Yahoo Messenger ID is middlepillarpath

    Best regards,
    Shawn Gately

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    I just wanted to let you know that I just visited your site and really have to say your pictures are much much better now. It is nice to see the entire figure framed where you can see it followed by separate pictures of specific details. Kudos for that!



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