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Points of interest:

7th ed ruleset is used.

Pitched battle in every game. It says scenery will have been set up by referees and may not be moved. (this gives me hope that scenery will be sensible, as expanded on in my next point)

Wood elf players may not use the special rules for deployment of the additional wood. (this is understandable on some tables as there's already like four woods, but some have 0. I hope this means that they'll actually spread things out and, for example, have two woods/hills/a ruined building/a swamp on each board... but i'm not holding my breath.)

SoC is banned, lizardman southlands is banned, etcetc. Only the standard army book lists are legal, with the exception of CD and DoW.

Special characters may be used. Which is f***ing stupid.

There's no longer points for massacres. A win is 3 points, a draw is 1 point, and a loss is 0 points. The person that wins best army gets a 1 point bonus to their overall score. (this is f***ing stupid, too)

Long story short: I really, really hope that they change this rulespack, as it's bat**** insane.

Looks like a bit of a shake up to me.