Blue Table Painting Update
Monday, May 22, 2006
Issue 75

Moved In!
Funny how a move seems so simple in planning, but in execution becomes complicated. And where did all that stuff come from?! We are now moved in and organized. I took some pics the day of the move, I was so excited to share it with you loyal reader, but the place was still a mess.

If you look near the bottom you can see some pics of the place once cleaned up and organized.

Dan and Bill finished up the massive bigger-than-a-fridge Priming Closet. It has an industrial size fan that clears the air through a filter and drying racks that keep primer dust from blowing back on drying models.

New address is:

Blue Table Painting, Inc.
765 North Main Street
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

Forge World Order
I am making a Forge World Order on Monday May 22. Anyone want to order something? There’s no cost for shipping from the UK since it will be a bulk order. Anyone? Come on, you know you want to.

Coming Soon
Some units will be appearing in the For Sale section (check new stuff):
• Skaven Rat Ogres and Globadiers
• Tzeentch Chaos Warriors
• Wood Elf Archers (a lot of them)

Guest Artists
Blue Table has started a program where artists can put their work on our website. We take the pics and make the listing, which can stay active for months and months. You and Blue Table split the profit (what’s left over after you get money for what you spent on the models, and we get reimbursed for Paypal/Shipping). Email me for details.

We have two guest artists right now code named Lime Dragon and Legions Forward. See their work in the For Sale section (you will have to go to the Guest Artist section)

Or go direct:

Lime Dragon really wants to move those Eldar along so feel free to contact me with an offer for the lot. This would make a great first army, or alternate army.

We will have about 50 new figures up for Legions Forward this week.

When you buy from a guest artist, you deal with Blue Table. We ship and follow up, so buy with confidence.

The giants are coming. Uh, really this time. Four are finished with a fifth and sixth very near completion. The Office Manager, Heather L. did a Devil Giant that is just amazing. It’s the trippiest thing you’ll ever see. She did an amazing job on it.

Hordes- Legion is Here
Trollbloods are done and up for sale. Legion of Everblight are now done, jut put up on Friday. Buy them here:

Get downloads to commission them here:

Check out the game here:

We can make your Hordes collection miraculously appear on your doorstep. We are making

Now Scheduling for late June
Do I need to say more, really?

Notable Stuff on the Block
The Evil Dwarves (more are coming).
Look here
Buy them here

The Goblin Ashigaru
Or you can indulge your inner Goblin and buy it here:

The Eldar Fire Dragon army
Look and drool here
Buy them here (look in Now Available)
Project Breakdown

Barbed Heirodule from Forge World

I just read Wicked, which I picked up after getting hooked on the Broadway musical thanks to my wife. Nothing like the original Oz, and nothing like the play if you ask me.

Other than that, this week has been absolutely exhausting from the move—four days of it really. But a great sense of satisfaction. Griffin is almost walking and that’s really something. He’s a daddy’s boy. He practically dives out of his mother’s arms when I walk in the room.

My wife is headed to Oregon to visit relatives (on both sides) for a week. It will be awesome for the first three days, and terribly lonesome the last four. As always.

Would you like to work for Blue Table?
Blue Table Painting is looking for a full-time Painter. Blue Table has been in business and steadily growing for two and a half years. We have a crew of six full time and two part time staff.

Job Description
Assemble and paint figurines for miniatures battles games. You will pick up bins full of models. These project bins will have a work order that explains what needs to be done, how much it pays, and when it needs to be completed. You will set your own schedule, acquire your own materials, and decide how you want to go about completing the project.

Start Date
Between May 30 and September 30, 2006.

Blue Table Painting is located in Spanish Fork, Utah. We have an attractive and spacious office studio in a well-known downtown building. You can work at the studio or at your home nearby. Utah valley is a family-friendly area with a beautiful outdoor life and a very reasonable cost of living. There are four distinct seasons. There are both large cities and rural areas within driving distance.

Pay and Benefits
>> $1500 to $2000+ a month
>> Discount on gaming materials of 35-45% off
>> Benefits in the form of a bonus schedule for Painters after the first year
>> Very flexible schedule
>> Don’t have to work on holidays

>> Willing to relocate to Utah Valley, Utah.
>> Able to work legally in the United States.
>> Have held a full time job for at least a year at some point in time.
>> Have painted at least 300 figures including at least three whole armies.
>> Have reliable transportation.
>> Be intimately familiar with two or more miniatures battles games (Warhammer, 40K, Confrontation, War Machine, Flames of War, Historicals, etc.)
>> Have at least passing familiarity with most miniatures battles games.
>> Able and willing to do basic assembly.
>> Ability to do complex assembly, pinning, conversion work and basic sculpting a plus.
>> Be a non-smoker.

Relocation and Cost of Living
>> Blue Table will pay a $150 to help with moving expenses.
>> We will help locate a place to live.

Housing in Utah Valley is something like this:
With roommates: $250-350/mo
Single bedroom apartment: $350-450
Two bedroom apartment: $450-600
Two bedroom house, mortgage: $600-800
Three bedroom house, mortgage: $700-1000
Four bedroom house, mortgage: $900-1200

How to Apply
If you are interested, please send an email with “Painter Needed? as the subject line to Shawn Gately at You will be sent an application/written interview.

Reach out and Touch Someone
You can IM Shawn, the owner:
• Yahoo Messenger ID is jazzmouth
• No one contacts me on MSN, so I have stopped using it.

You can IM Lavender, the office manager:
• Yahoo Messenger ID is middlepillarpath

Best regards,
Shawn Gately