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    Just got home from Games Day!

    Ok I had a great time at games day today. I got there like an 8:45 and waited till around 9ish in line for the not megaticket line. I saw Laura and Blake and went with them to get Tim Hortons, on the way out of the building we were joined back Rob (Construction) and Rob (Iyandin player). We got Timmy's and went back in time to wait a few minutes to get in at 10 when normal tickets could get in. I wanted for a while checking stuff out talking to people I know from my local GW with Laura and Blake and on my own. Then we went to get lunch down the street at Eastside Mario's. Soon after getting back to games day I ran into a sick Koeslag and we had a 2000 point battle First Company Ultramarines vs. Tyranids, a bunch of people came over and watched including Shane and a few other people from our local store, Koeslag won but their dead pile was huge and I started herendously out numbered.

    While were were packing up towards 3:45ish Taylor Bell was called up and and given the award for comeing in dead last in the GT, The Entire Story of Why you didnt hear: His entire army he was going to use was lost and he had to use one of his more for fun not power gaming armies, Night Lords, it had not been playtested at that points level yet but it was is only army he has enought points of to play in the GT. So of course he lost. But it wasnt his fault.

    Ok then the Golden Daemon Stuff was being annonced, Koeslag and I walked around looking at stuff and watching the golden daemon annoncments. We left about about 4:20 and I went to Union Station, though it was going to have to take the train home alone but after waiting 40 minutes when I finally got to the track platform Laura, Black, Gary and Greg showed up and we talked on the way back to Pickering, from there we split up with Gary being nice and driving me back home to Whitby.

    Overall a really good day. I did it on a budget of $17 CND, it could have been less but for simplicity at lunch I played a bit extra than my share on the bill but Laura did give me of her lunch so it evens out. I dont play any of the armies that had cool Forge World stuff for under $120 so I didnt bother.

    PS: Shuriken Catapaults are getting a longer range and targeters so you can check range first.

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    hey i was there, did you see a table that was completely grey, The wraithlord sillhoutte was sweet.

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