Preparation: Necrons Vs. Daemonhunters - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    My friend who plays necrons will be coming over to my place next wednesday for a few games of warhammer. I play daemonhunters and i haven't really versed necrons before so if anyone would have any advice as to wat i should use for a 750 point battle using daemonhunters against necrons.

    This is wat i have,


    Brother-captain stern
    Coteaz (inquisitor lord)


    14 grey knights consisting of 2 incinerators,2 psycannons and 2 justicars
    11 stormtroopers consisting of 1 veteren and 1 grenade launcher


    5 Grey knight terminators consisting of 1 brother-captain and 1 incinerator
    1 Vindicar assasin

    Heavy support

    1 Grey knight dreadnought (auto and plasma cannon unavailable)

    Note: The grey knights in power armour r able to b taken as fast attack as i have enough stormtroopers to take up the necessary troop slots. Thanks

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    I would say take as much long range firepower as possible..but you dont have any. Problem with the dread is that Necrons destroy any armor vehicle ( or in this case walker ) to easyily. 750 pts isn't really enough for termies. So load up on the storm troopers, get those plasma guns ready. Take the grand-master and grey knights and get into cc, and you should be fine ( look out for the Lord, hes better then you would think ). At 750 pts your going to be facing a relativly small force as the minimum of 2 x10 warriors are quite expensive.
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