During my idea of sea warfare (in the rules development section), I had the idea of fighting in water/sea. During this, I thought of turning it into a Campaign. This'll bring up some background storys for My dragoons, introduce the rules for fighting in water and will include background info on my units I've created (and any more I'm going to create). Pretty much all races will receaive new units. You can view updates Via the sea warfare link in my sig, or you can go to the rules development (it's title is sea warfare).

I would like to recuit some people to help with this campaign (so then when it's about finished I can put it up and make people go "gasp" (in a good way)). I'll go and PM some of you (who I want recuited) but for those of you I dont know and would like to help, PM me or post up here on this thread.

The reason for recuiting is that I'm pretty bogged down downing this whole thing meself. Dont worry If you are recuited and do give idea's then you will be given totally credit for it.