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    Blue Table Update 77- Drop Everything

    Blue Table Painting Update
    Monday, June 12, 2006
    Issue 77

    Hordes Baby!
    We’ve given Hordes a trial run and from my corner there’s a two thumbs way up! I can’t wait to play it again. I can’t get it out of my mind. This game plays smoothly and has clear rules and fabulous models. The nuances of play will turn your brain into a pretzel, as advertised. We can barely keep the warpacks up on the site. Right now we’re working on an Orboros set—everything released so far. We have on the block two Skorne sets and some Trollbloods. We also made a set of Orboros ruins. You can see those here

    Now Scheduling for early July
    There are still slots open for the week of July 2 and July 9. That’s for starting the painting and completion that week or the following week. Projects that need to be assembled will be started a week earlier.

    Blue Table Day o’ Gaming
    Pics here

    Twelve hours of open gaming for Blue Table staff and friends. It was a good time had by all. You can see pics here, including some great shots of our studio Imperial Drop Troop army absolutely wiping an Ork Horde off the map on some amazing home-made multi-level industrial terrain.

    This Drop Troop army is for sale, though not officially yet. If you want to save us the trouble of listing it, you can pick it up for $1600. This army would be perfect for the Medusa campaign. It’s a one-of-a-kind with three tanks, four sentinels, and about 100 troops (all pewter) all with great conversions. Email for army list and breakdown.

    Also featured is an Orboros ruins board for Hordes.

    Just for the record: we have a policy of not using client models for games, in case you were wondering. Golden Rule applies with that. We use studio armies on rare occasions, but these get touchups if needed afterwards.

    Two Armies for Sale
    The Fire Dragon Shrine is on the block, and for a temporarily reduced price. The Imperial Drop troops are also up, and $1600 is a great deal for those—just the materials cost just over $1000, nevermind all the conversion work. We scavenged crucial turbines from a Forge World Valkyrie to make the Drop Hydra for pete’s sake. What more could you want?

    Another Forge World Order
    I am making a Forge World Order on Monday June 12. Anyone want to order something? There’s no cost for shipping from the UK since it will be a bulk order. Shipping from Blue Table to inside the US is $6.50.

    New on the Block
    Blue Table has a great For Sale section with many hundreds of figures.

    Look and buy here:

    Tamie went with the kids to Oregon to visit relatives. As always when she’s gone, the first three days are great fun. Every toilet seat in the house was up! But everything after that is a drag. Four days of being alone. I feel for you single guys.

    When she and the kids got back I couldn’t get enough of them. We went to a trout farm down in Payson. It’s a large natural pond overlooked by willow and quaking aspen trees at the foot of the mountains. The pond is fed by free-flowing artesian wells; the purest mountain water. The place is run by an old Payson native and two lazy farm dogs. It was the kids first time fishing and it was a squeal-fest. After Kenna pulled her first fish out it just lay there on the grass. The old farm guy told them with a grin that they should put it in the water bucket. They approached cautiously, leaning over the creature like Mulder and Scully doing an alien autopsy. As Kenna poked the scaly critter with an expeditionary finger it started flopping around like mad, sending the kids shrieking in three directions!

    When the farm hand threw a stick out into the pond, those dogs did flying leaps into the water to retrieve them. When one came out dripping wet with the stick my two kids had the brilliant idea of getting the stick back for another throw. That’s when they found out what a dog does when it first gets out of the water.

    Griffin even got in on the action and was absolutely fascinated by these new, flashing, squirming, silver creatures.

    Today there was a flash hail storm and the sky grew grey and boiling with clouds. There were flashes of lightning from all directions, both mountain and plains. Families were outside just watching the show like fireworks. Spanish Fork is a great place to be. It is on a plateau near the foot of the mountains, so there is always fresh air and water coming down. Tonight the air was so clean, it was like perhaps like when the earth was new. Sometimes my eyes well up with joy when I walk around the neighborhood. I never thought I would end up in such a good place. If heaven were no different that this, I’d be satisfied—I can’t think of anything I’d like different.

    Now Hiring- Client Relations
    Blue Table Painting is looking for a full-time Client Relations expert.

    Blue Table has been in business and steadily growing for two and a half years. We have a crew of six full time and two part time staff.

    Job Description
    • Create quotes for new projects
    • Answer inquiry emails
    • Track inquiries
    • Order materials for projects
    • Review, revise, edit and amend client Instructions sheets
    • Schedule projects
    • Write newsletter and maintain presence on forums

    Start Date
    Between July 1 and November 30, 2006.

    Blue Table Painting is located in Spanish Fork, Utah. We have an attractive and spacious office studio in a well-known downtown building. You can work at the studio or at your home nearby. Utah valley is a family-friendly area with a beautiful outdoor life and a very reasonable cost of living. There are four distinct seasons. There are both large cities and rural areas within driving distance.

    Pay and Benefits
    >> $1500 to $1700 a month to start
    >> up to $1800 to $2400 a month based on a set raise schedule
    >> Discount on gaming materials of 35-45% off
    >> Benefits after the first year
    >> Very flexible schedule

    >> Willing to relocate to Utah Valley, Utah.
    >> Able to work legally in the United States.
    >> Have held a full time job for at least a year at some point in time.
    >> Have reliable transportation.
    >> Be intimately familiar with all basic miniatures battles games (Warhammer, 40K, Confrontation, War Machine, Flames of War)
    >> Microsoft Word and Excel
    >> Excellent mental math and basic math skills (percentages)
    >> Have at least passing familiarity with most miniatures battles games.
    >> Experience in customer service or public relations a plus.
    >> Be a non-smoker.

    Relocation and Cost of Living
    >> Blue Table will pay a $150 to help with moving expenses.
    >> We will help locate a place to live.

    Housing in Utah Valley is something like this:
    With roommates: $250-350/mo
    Single bedroom apartment: $350-450
    Two bedroom apartment: $450-600
    Two bedroom house, mortgage: $600-800
    Three bedroom house, mortgage: $700-1000
    Four bedroom house, mortgage: $900-1200

    How to Apply
    If you are interested, please send an email with “Client Relations Needed? as the subject line to Shawn Gately at You will be sent an application/written interview.

    Shawn Gately

    Reach out and Touch Someone
    You can IM Shawn, the owner:
    • Yahoo Messenger ID is jazzmouth
    • No one contacts me on MSN, so I have stopped using it.

    You can IM Lavender, the office manager:
    • Yahoo Messenger ID is middlepillarpath

    Best regards,
    Shawn Gately

    PS- if you don’t want to get this newsletter, just let me know. I’ll gladly (sadly?) remove you from the list.

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    Great update man. The Drop troopers look amazing, if only I had the money! The fishing sounds like you had a great time.

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