Blue Table Painting Update 78
Monday, June 19, 2006
Issue 78

Alignment of Planets
Two slots just opened up for the week of July 2. That’s only two Monday from now. We could even accommodate a whole army. Small projects welcome, too.

There are slots open for the week July 9 and on. That’s for starting the painting and completion that week or the following week. Projects that need to be assembled will be started a week earlier.

Won’t you Ask that Girl to Dance?
Blue Table has a great For Sale section with over 300 figures for sale. I’d recommend a first stop in the New Releases section. We have a lot of good figures for sale. Why don’t you pick some up today?

I would love to hear your feedback on the For Sale section. What would make it a better experience?

If there’s a figure or set that you’ve had your eye on but haven’t worked up the courage (or cash) to buy it, why don’t you drop me a line. Studio rent is due and I’m ready to make a deal.

Very Big Bug
Be sure to check out the other auctions, too.

Available Now
Did you know that Blue Table produces more than five armies a week. Working here is amazing. There are so many cool projects that come through. A lot of these are done as one-offs and are available for sale to the general public. Here is a partial list:
 Imperial Drop Troop Army (2000+ pts)
 Eldar Fire Dragon Shrine Army (2200+ pts)
 Iron Golem
 Trio of Pegasus Knights
 Four Giants (each highly converted)
 Hordes (almost everything released)
 Skink Warchief
 Kroot Carnivores
 Evil Dwarf Army (more coming the week of June 19, and they are amazing)
 Wood Elf Archers (forty, can you believe it?)
 Plague Marines
 Grey Knights Terminators
 Imperial Assassins and Retinue
 Bretonnian Ladies
 Nurgle Minotaurs
 Champion of Khorne
 Tzeentch Screamers
 Drune Army
 Lions of Alahan Army (more coming soon)

I also have a private stash of 40+ RPG Hero types if anyone wants to make me an offer on that. And this is some good stuff that I’ve hoarded to my lonesomes.

For the next few days I’ll be considering offers for the two armies. Now might be a good time to pick those up.

Payment Method
We accept Paypal. Using a credit card to make a Paypal payment is just as easy as a credit card checkout on a typical website. Don’t like Paypal? A MO is fine. We’ll work with you.

What’s New at the Studio
Bill got an old Armorcast Gargant (the big one) in trade and he’s as happy as a Big Mek can be. Andy just completed some Forge World Drop Pods and just finished his personal Warhammer Army—Slaanesh Daemonic Legion. I brought on a new painter, Thayne, and he’s doing great. We’ve been playing Hordes. We’re still waiting for a door to be put into the big office to connect it to the main room. Things are running smoothly. I just have to fill up those slots for the first week of July, anyone?

We’ve given Hordes a trial run and from my corner there’s a two thumbs way up! I can’t wait to play it again. I can’t get it out of my mind. This game plays smoothly and has clear rules and fabulous models. The nuances of play will turn your brain into a pretzel, as advertised. We can barely keep the warpacks up on the site. Right now we’re working on an Orboros set—everything released so far. We have on the block two Skorne sets and some Trollbloods. We also made a set of Orboros ruins. You can see those here:

Musings about Art and Money
Blue Table keeps close tabs on the prices charged by other miniatures painting services to be sure the ratio of quality:price is competitive. Our primary service is aimed at the wargamer who wants more time to play.

Blue Table’s approach is to keep artists on long term. We keep artists long term by paying enough to make a living. We still do the work at a competitive price because of efficiency and refined technique.

There are advantages to you, the Blue Table client, by staying with us.
1) Responsiveness (someone is on duty full time to respond to your emails)
2) Consistency (we will still be here in a year to do an expansion on your army)
3) Savings from running a more efficient operation with compartmentalized positions (eg the Packer is an expert at Packing).
4) Blue Table’s Technique allows us to pay artists enough to make a real living but still keep prices reasonable.
5) By keeping artists long term you get that Experience and dedication put into your projects.
6) Follow up after your project is complete.
7) Turnaround time is faster with a full-time artist.

By choosing Blue Table as your painting service, there is a long-term payback. We are getting better, smoother, and timelier with every passing week. We will be here for you through it all. We will be here through the decades.

Picked up the DVDs of Star Trek:TNG and have begun the indoctrination of my children into the nerdly ways. Jonah came in with a football asking if I wanted to play with him. I asked if he wouldn’t rather play miniatures battles, and he dropped that football like a hot potato. Nothing against football fans, but the only football I want to be involved in is Blood Bowl!

Griffin took his first steps. Ayup, I was there for that magic moment when he took those five or six magic trundles across the room, baby arms outstretched. It was great.

Still Hiring- Client Relations
We’re still looking to fill the Client Relations positions. Please contact Shawn for details.

Reach out and Touch Someone
You can IM Shawn, the owner:
• Yahoo Messenger ID is jazzmouth
• No one contacts me on MSN, so I have stopped using it.

You can IM Lavender, the office manager:
• Yahoo Messenger ID is middlepillarpath

Best regards,
Shawn Gately

PS- if you don’t want to get this newsletter, just let me know. I’ll gladly (sadly?) remove you from the list.