I am trying to start a branch of the necron conquering here at OL. I will try to organize things, and if you have something to post, post it, but only if you have something to add. Please don't comment. If this works out we can have army lists, tactics and stuff going around through various player's heads.

OK people! I will try to help out on the campaign as best I can. You will have at least one battle from me on that tally. (And note to all, I'm working on a fleet) I do not have the booklet yet (stupid printer with no color) and I do not know much official stuff. However I have gathered the main link to the Imperial Information Gathering Link. Please post if you want to join the OL branch of the necrons conqueroring!:yes:

As posted on Warseer.com our goals are:
1. begin clearly the wastes of all unwanted presences and begin establishing null sheild nodes throughout the wasteland.
2. Begin eradicating threats to the human populations inside the hive cities.
3. Prepare to destroy human evacuation attempts.
I find it likey that other forces will target the more tempting points (the weapons battery and communication systems). We should only involve ourselves in these in the slightest way, again, writing battle reports that represent the minor disruptions which only help in their eventual collapse.

Please refer to the given scenarios and campaign rules so we do not end up not being prepared.

You should register to Warseer.com, of course here at OL, and the Medusa V online campaign.:yes:

Please If you want to help out on this branch of the necron's conqueroring please post your

Army Points: (approx)
How many
HQ slots:
Elites slots:
Troops slots:
Fast Attack slots:
Heavy Support slots:
and how many games you will/have played total.

Basically, if I can get people to post, I'll get names, organize stuff, and I'll go from there.