Blue Table Painting Update
Monday, June 26, 2006
Issue 79
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Specials for July
I am a huge fan of Hordes, and plan on doing a War Machine army, too. Oh, and I just finished my Orboros models, and they look mah-velous!

Oh yeah, the special. I’m offering a special on materials when you commission the work: 40% off retail on Hordes and War Machine models.
 This is for commissions set up for completion in July, 2006.
 You need to mention the July Special from Update 79.

Openings in July
There are openings for projects both small and large during the week of July 16 and July 23. And still one for a medium-sized project for the week of July 9. That’s for completion the same week or the following week (for larger projects).

Game Geek and Technique
Here’s a thread on a popular forum where a happy client compliments Blue Table, followed by some interesting comments. Be sure to read the seventh post where I talk about our technique and pricing:

Right now, I think that prices for painting services are all over the board. I have done a HUGE amount of market research to be sure we offer the best price:quality ratio.

I have also done a lot of record-keeping on how long it takes to paint each figure, and how long each stage takes. For example: it takes 4 seconds to paint a round dot on the end of a gun barrel, but 7 seconds to drill one out with a dremel (including the time to pick up and set down the figure). It takes 3 minutes and 20 seconds to apply the gold layer to a Saurus Warrior.

Forty Fantasy Figures
I just put up about 40 figures suitable for a Fantasy RPG:

They are of various qualities and manufacturers, priced accordingly. I noticed that a few had no irises, and those have since been painted in. In fact, all the eyes have been re-done. Want a group deal for the lot? $600 takes everything in the Fantasy RPG Figures section. That’s about 80 figures. This deal is good until June 28.

Legions Forward Marches Onward
One of our Guest Artists sent us something like 300 figures. We have made about ten new listings and that’s only half! A Dark Elf army, and priced to move, and still some Historicals and LotR figures to come this week.

Would you like to be a Guest Artist? Contact me for details.

Very Big Bug
The Forge World Heirodule had to be relisted. It’s a $150 model, so the price is right.

Available Now
Did you know that Blue Table produces more than five armies a week. Working here is amazing. There are so many cool projects that come through. A lot of these are done as one-offs and are available for sale to the general public. Here is a partial list:
 Imperial Drop Troop Army (2000+ pts) SOLD!
 Ogre Dai Bakemonos NEW!
 Totem Hunter
 Eldar Fire Dragon Shrine Army (2200+ pts)
 Iron Golem
 Trio of Pegasus Knights
 Four Giants (each highly converted)
 Hordes (almost everything released)
 Skink Warchief
 Kroot Carnivores
 Evil Dwarf Army (new models just put up)
 Wood Elf Archers (forty, can you believe it?)
 Plague Marines
 Grey Knights Terminators
 Imperial Assassins and Retinue
 Bretonnian Ladies
 Nurgle Minotaurs
 Champion of Khorne
 Tzeentch Screamers
 Drune Army
 Lions of Alahan Army (more coming soon)

Payment Method
We accept Paypal. Using a credit card to make a Paypal payment is just as easy as a credit card checkout on a typical website. Don’t like Paypal? A MO is fine. We’ll work with you.

What’s New at the Studio
Andy is painting something like 5000 points of Dark Angels in June and July. He’s getting really good at it. He and Thayne played WHF with their personal armies (DL Slaanesh and Dwarfs). Heather S. is on vacation. A new painter arrived in town and will start work in early July. He’s painted something like 12 armies already, plus a ton of various projects. Plus he does terrain. Bill’s pedigree dog is going to have puppies this week (what else?). Heather L. and I did a huge inventory of all the figures in the studio. So, everything is up to date on the website.

Soon, we’ll have everything made for Hordes in the For Sale section. Probably by June 1. It’s a rockin game and oddly is getting me into War Machine, too.

Finished Season 1 of Star Trek: TNG. I’m looking for Season 2. The kids weren’t as into it as I hoped, but that’s all right they’ll come around.

Before we could stop him, Griffin climbed up the faux rocks at the playground playset and went feet-first-belly-down the slide, flying off the end and into the grass. He thought that was a complete rush and repeated the process like eight times, with a constant big dumb grin on his face. That baby lives hard and plays hard, sucking down three bottles at bed time.

Tamie and I like to take walks around our beautiful and friendly neighborhood. People still wave to strangers around here. We’ve had a lot of new move-ins and we like to be sure to welcome them. On Sunday, you can see groups of children walking home in their Sunday best. It’s really wonderful, like slice of Heaven.

I schedule a lot of projects for a lot of Painters. One person being sick or late can change the whole line-up. Likewise, someone being productive and on time can change the whole line-up for the better. I think how like that must be our lives—a Celestial Scheduler working things as best as possible for our good based on our choices; diligence or sloth.

Still Hiring- Client Relations
We’re still looking to fill the Client Relations positions. Please contact Shawn for details.

Reach out and Touch Someone
You can IM Shawn, the owner:
• Yahoo Messenger ID is jazzmouth
• No one contacts me on MSN, so I have stopped using it.

You can IM Lavender, the office manager:
• Yahoo Messenger ID is middlepillarpath

Best regards,
Shawn Gately

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