how it work is easy the field is 24x24, so its really small.

players : 2 or 4.

teams : FFA

Move : scatter dice + 1d6.

point : 250

rules :
- No Hq.
- No Champion.
- No vehicules.
- higher cost army(ruinous chaos for example) have 10 wargear pts.
- troops can be from 1 to infinite.
- troops can be equiped with any weapon they can usually have.(ex. heavy bolter)

fighting :
- There is no shooting phase.
- There is no assault phase.

it work a weird way, you move with scatter dices, its the dark arena so u cant see anything. When you move into an opponent the fig that get in contct with the enemy fig start a combat, when u enter a fight there is a shooting phase, you shoot first then your opponent shoot. If the 2 fig are still alive the melee phase start, the guy who moved into the opponent count as charging( +1atk) but if he used a rapid fire weapon and shot twice before that he dont have the attack bonus.

the other squad members just continue moving around, all the battle(or almost all) are skirmish(1 vs 1) so be sure to get good melee units.

Special :

this is the dark arena, and in the dark arena there is 12 surprises, yup... 12 bombs wandering around.

bombs :
- Spawn in middle.
- Start moving at the end of turn 1.
- move using scatter dice + 1D6
- When touch a unit, you roll 3 dice, 2 of them is for the str of the bomb and the last one is for the AP, if you have luck you can get str3 Ap 6 but if your not you can get str12 Ap1 lol. then you roll a dice for hit then you roll your save(if u have one).
- After it exploded you roll 2d6 + scatter to know where it gona go.
- IF it stop on someone this guy roll dice for explosion, if it go behind someone it just go there and dont stop on people.

I hope you understand how it work, me and my friends will play this type of game more because it take like 10min to do the army list and 50min to play the game when there is 4people.

ps. when there is 2 people dont make it go skirmish, the skirmish melee thing is really long.