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    just wondering...

    i was just wondering if anybody knew what forces participated in the siege of the emporor's palace. just give me the 411 about who was there and what happened, all that good stuff.

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    If I remember correctly it was the Blood Angels, Imperial Fists, and the White Scars on the side of the Emperor. Horus had the support of all the traitorous with the exception of the Alpha Legion (who were off messing around in other parts of the universe, fighting the Ultramarines, etc.) Here's some various details of what occured:

    - Emperor's Children ended up killing, torturing and capturing millions at Terra's main spaceport. They had relatively little do with the siege itself.
    - The other 7 Legions all directly participated in the siege itself.
    - Jhagati Khan led his Cahpter out on numerous counterattacks to fight back the traitors.
    - The Emperor's Champion of the Imperial Fists ended up challenging and killing many Chaos leaders. He would go on to be the first chapter master of the Black Templars.
    - Eventually through sheer numbers the traitorous Legions breached the walls of the Pallace and a running battle occured throughout the complex.
    - The Emperor, Regal Dorn of the Imperial Fists and the Blood Angel's Primarch Sanguinius realize they stand no chance of fighting off all the Legions. They realize they must take the fight to Horus and kill him themselves.
    - They teleport to Horus' battle barge with a number of their chosen warriors. No one knows why Horus leaves his shields down; perhaps it was his hidden conscience, or perhaps his overconfidence. Who knows.
    - The Blood Angels and Imperial Fists get split up when teleporting up to the barge.
    - Sanguinius fights his way to Horus and heroicly fights and dies to Horus.
    - The Emperor eventually reaches Horus himself and see Sanguinius' dead body. The Emperor defeats Horus, but not before being mortally crippled himself. Regal Dorn brings the Emperor's listless body back to Terra.
    - The Space Wolves under Leman Russ and the Dark Angels under Lion 'El Jonhson finally reach Terra after being stuck in warp storms for a long time. They counterattack what remains of the beleagured traitor forces and finish them off, saving the planet and the Imperium.

    That's about all I can remember. There's more about what happens afterwards, but that isn't tied directly to the siege of the Palace itself. Hope you found my little spiel interesting/what you were looking for.

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