Blue Table Painting Update
Monday, July 3, 2006
Issue 80

Book it!
There are slots open for the weeks of July 10, 17, and 24. I will be dutifully at the computer over the holiday (July 1-5), for twelve or more hours a day until those slots are filled with armies that at long last will see the promised land of being painted.

Try me on Yahoo Messenger ID jazzmouth
Or by phone 801 372 8545

Play More
Have Blue Table assemble and paint your figures and you will get more out of your gaming time.

Thoughts on Professional Painting
When you play golf, you don’t sculpt and cast your own clubs. Same with miniatures battles. Let the artisans see to that stuff. If you only have one night a week to spend on gaming, you want to be doing battle with a fabulous looking army.

I’ve been reading a lot of books on Economics and Marketing. Here is an interesting idea—there is a cost to any transaction that goes beyond the price for what you buy. Costs for searching, researching, bargaining, decision-making, and enforcement. I try to explain this to my wife who will drive ten miles each way to get to a gas station that sells for $0.02 a gallon cheaper. It took time to research it online, it took 30 minutes of driving, and (here’s the killer) wasted gas!

With Blue Table you get a better deal because of the efficiency of our operation that goes deeper than the cost (which is already good). What is the real value of what you get from Blue Table?

For example: if you need all your models with missile launchers, but there is only one in the kit, we are likely to have bitz for that on hand. And the artist doesn’t have to hunt all over, the bitz are all organized and alphabetized.

Another example: we’ll be here in a year when you need an expansion for your army. You don’t have to hunt all over for another service and explain how the first batch was done. We’ll have all those pics saved.

Yet another example: if we order your figures, we will handle problems with shipping and missing parts. We have four sources to call on and will get all your models. No calling around.

My point is that our operation is efficient and runs smoothly. This translates into a benefit of cost and service to you.

Hordes and War Machine on Special
During July 2006 Blue Table will acquire your Privateer Press models for 40% off. Please mention the July special from this update.

Guest Artists
Check out the tons and tons of models from our two Guest Artists:

New on the Block
Look and buy here:

Check the New Releases section. There are four Warhammer Giants. When this kit came out I bought eight of them and challenged each Artist to convert and paint something original. Some have been sold but four are still left.

• Dark Elf Slave Giant
• Cursed Nurgle Sword Giant
• Slave Giant in Chains
• Devil Giant
• Norse Giant
• <I believe I can fly> Giant (still to be painted)
• People Eating Cyclops Giant
• Hideous Mutated Giant

All the models in the RPG Fantasy already sold. Look forward to new ones in the coming months.

I got the second season of Start Trek: TNG. A splurge, yes, but worth it for the continued education of my children.

Griffin bit the grill off my electric shaver. He’s a little biter, experimentally chomping everything in sight with his seven little white grinders. He’s walking around now, like a miniature white doughy Godzilla.

Jonah is done with tee-ball, thank goodness. I don’t think I could have taken any more of that sun and grass. Fortunately, he displays enthusiasm for wargames and I’ve concocted a few simple ones for play with the family.

I got my braces tightened this week, so my teeth are mighty sore. The finishing wire for the bottom teeth went on, so that’s the last of that stage. They say another eight months but I don’t believe that. I like to try and get the orthodontic assistants to play <what did Shawn have for lunch> when working on my braces. I give bonus points if you can tell what I had for breakfast.

Pics of our beach trip
Pics of the fishing episode (a few issues back)

Best regards,
Shawn Gately

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