Blue Table Painting Update
Monday, July 17, 2006
Issue 82
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There is one lonely spot for the week of July 24. We are currently booking up for early August. Projects can be given near instantaneous attention.

Warhammer on Special
During August 2006 Blue Table will acquire your Games Workshop models for 20% off. Please mention the July special from this update. If you want a whole army done, I will give you an even sweeter bulk deal on your models.

Blue Table Buzz
Give a good review of our work on a forum or newsgroup and get a $5.00 credit for assembly or painting on your next army. OK, here are the rules:
· Must be for a full army you had painted by Blue Table
· A full army would be any project of $300 or more. Fair enough?
· You must really mean it!
· Please email me the links to your posts. Subject line Blue Table Buzz
· Your posts should include a link to
· You can make up to four posts on different sites, a credit of $20.00
· This is a test program for August 2006

You will get an email back confirming your credit.
You can get a direct link to a Gallery album by right-clicking the text description, choosing Properties then copying the link.

Happenings at the Studio
The big news is that our website was hacked. All our pics were erased, including things we had for sale. The backups I had were corrupted or not for the pics. The last backup was for June 2005, so old pics are up but not from our better more recent work, though New Stuff is back up already.

Thanks to Adam at Bartertown for all his help. Bartertown is one of the best and most respected trading forums of all time:

I am starting a War Machine league at my LGS, Blakfyre Games in Orem (they are awesome). Thayne and I worked on some GW Imperial City terrain for Blakfyre and you can expect some pics of that up soon. We’re having a Warhammer Fantasy Invitational tournament at the studio on August 19. It has but 12 slots. Any of you local clients want to come?

Blue Table Wants Your Soul
To get Blue Table started I cashed out my retirement (from teaching), inheritance, and all our life savings. I am completely invested in this endeavor. So, I take every potential client seriously. I want to win and keep you as a client for the long haul. So, maybe not your soul…

Tamie and I went to see Pirates of the Carribean 2 week. It was awesome, worth every penny—worth a few belly laughs and spine tingles. We make a point to go out every week on a Date Night. It’s a Mormon thing, and just a plain Good Idea. Tamie is a great wife and my bosom companion. She is an expert cook.

We only dated for nineteen days before I proposed. It was at the Portland LDS temple that I proposed at a flower-ringed fountain. It took her four excruciating days to make up her mind. She had been proposed to five times before. Tamie and I had dated a lot of people, so we had fairly well settled what we were looking for. We were married in 1994 in the Salt Lake Temple That was really something, it was like getting married in a castle, though much more beautiful and simple. Now, we have three kids and hope for a fourth and final in 2008. Depending on how successful Blue Table is, we hope to adopt a fifth. I really like kids and I make time to be a full father to my own children.

Reach out and Touch Someone
Shawn = Owner
· Yahoo Messenger ID is jazzmouth
· Phone 801 372 8545 see if I don’t pick up!

Heather L. = Office Manager
· Yahoo Messenger ID is middlepillarpath

All the best,
Shawn Gately