Blue Table Update 84.6

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Eldar Army >>
I am putting my beloved Eldar Fire Dragon Shrine on the block again this time for $875:

one Fuegan,
four Exarchs
thirty-six Fire Dragons
four Wave Serpents
one Falcon
three vipers
one Dragonlord (Wraithlord)

magnetized weapons
sturdy doweling on skimmers
custom bases
a display board
a Forge World Turret on the Falcon

Every last square millimeter will be touched up before shipping.

It’s not unbeatable, but when you do win it’ll usually be a systematic vaporization of enemy forces with no saving throws. It works fabulously against Daemonhunter, Witch Hunter and Space Marine armies. The entire army starts out in heavily armored fast skimmers, so that’s a tough thing to deal with for a lot of armies. Take out selected targets while drifting to one flank, then unload the forty Fire Dragons. This uses the Biel Tan list. In the new Eldar list Fire Dragons are supposed to get a boost to S8 on their weapons. Everything in the list will still be current edition except the Fire Dragons, and the new models really aren’t that much different.

Happenings at the Studio >>
§ Now booking projects for August 14 and August 21. Small or large projects welcome. If you've even thought about having an army done let's talk it over. Most people have sticker shock, but we can work past that: I can give you a deal on materials or you can spread out your project.
§ We had a staff Day of Games and that was a blast—a lot of doughnuts, pizza, and gaming with our personal armies. We had two new tables will full terrain, an absolute blast to play on the desert table that Andy made.
§ I’m working on a personal army for War Machine: Sasha’s Widows is the working name. So far, I have two warjacks done, and eight more models assembled.

§ Andy is working on an Ultramarines Warhound Titan by FW and some City Fight terrain. Aaaand like three of his personal projects.
§ Heather is working on some High Elves and a few display boards.
§ Jon is working on a Tau Army, some Lions of Alahan and a giant unit of Black Orcs.
§ Jay is working on some spectacular L6 Dark Age figures, Chaos Dwarfs, aaand some Evil Dwarfs. A lot of evil stuff, really. Plus his own LotD army, featuring some evil Krootlings which I think are pure genius and hope to convert some even more for my Trollbloods army. You’ll see…

For Sale >>
The For Sale Section of the website is up and running again. We have about thirty more listings to do.

We just have everything in one section now.