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Monday, August 14, 2006
Issue 86

§ Musings D&D for Life
§ On the Block Eldar army x2, 29 new Listings, Confrontation Titan
§ New this Week HE Display, Dark Age, Evil Dwarfs, Alahan, Nurgle
§ Happenings at the Studio tournament pending
§ Deals and Promos Blue Table Buzz
§ Personal Sir Grifferton
§ Top Three Links Eldar Rumors, Pig Iron, and Nurgle Daemonic Legion
§ Contact Info

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Musings- D&D for Life
It all started with reading. When I was ten my father got Gold Fever, sold the house and we took off for Alaska. We lived in tents and trailers in the Alaskan outback 112 miles from Fairbanks, just south of the arctic circle. The only entertainment I had was a huge stack of books (that and the abandoned mine junk yard). I was a voracious reader and learned to read insanely

One day in sixth grade I walked in on some friends playing D&D. They were running Q1 Queen of the Demonweb pits. My first character was Human Fighter (no name, I thought it meant that he fought humans). By the end of the week I was the permanent DM. I understood most of the words! Soon our group was playing in the elementary school library, and it never stopped.

We played Champions, GURPS, and Skyrealms of Jorune. Anybody remember Aftermath or Fantasy Hero? And to this day, a marvelous 25 years later, I haven’t stopped.

Oh yeah, the point. I wrote a stack of papers fourteen inches tall for my D&D game while I was in High School. But you couldn’t get me to write a two-page research paper. I drew maps, crunched numbers, and walked three miles each way for the game. Basically, other than typing, High School didn’t help me prepare much for life. But D&D gave me all the education I needed.

I just know somewhere there’s a parent gritting his or her teeth. I would be thrilled if my kids took up D&D. That way they’d be better prepared for life.

On the Block
29 New Listings

One model has been voted off the island and is on for a bargain-basement price. Buy securely.

Just finished: A massive Cynwall Dragon:

Eldar Army >> I am putting my beloved Eldar Fire Dragon Shrine on the block again this time for $875. This is as good as it gets folks. When the new codex comes out this army will be pulled and refurbished, then returned to the block for the correct price of $1750. Here are a ton of pics:

one Fuegan
four Exarchs
thirty-six Fire Dragons
four Wave Serpents
one Falcon
three Vypers
one Dragonlord (Wraithlord).

magnetized weapons
sturdy doweling on skimmers
custom bases
a display board
a Forge World Turret on the Falcon

When you do win it’ll usually be a systematic vaporization of enemy forces with no saving throws. Their guns are very short range of 12" but believe me there won't be much left to fight if you can fight first. You have to use your transports to get the first shot. It works fabulously against Daemonhunter, Witch Hunter and Space Marine armies, especially those deep-striking Terminator armies. The entire army starts out in heavily armored fast skimmers, so that’s a tough thing to deal with for a lot of armies. Take out selected targets while drifting to one flank, then unload the forty Fire Dragons. This uses the Biel Tan list.

New this Week
Check the New Stuff Gallery

High Elf Colony in Tilea
This project called for a High Elf centerpiece, like a tower, that was part of a High Elven colony in Tilea (the Warhammer equivalent of Italy). I worked with Blue Table Painting Art Director Heather Shi.

See In Progress pics, a step by step, the finished display and my shiny bald head here:

See all new work here:

The second issue was that this piece had to make a trip to Spain and be under the oversize package limit. We found a box about 1.5 x 1.5 x 2 feet. So, the three foundation pieces measure 15? x 23?.

The problem arising from the three foundation parts is that there are two lines. I decided to break up these lines with the backdrop pieces in back and a water feature in front.

One night I was watching Oban Star Racers with my kids and I started seeing some interesting architecture in the background, so I recorded the show and made some sketches. The windows, color, and the edge of the pool are drawn from that.

I decided that to convey the fact that this was an Elven colony that we would include human architecture and elven architecture. Human buildings are squat and square. The Elven stuff, though basically quadrilateral, has curved shapes and jewels. After much debate we decided that the Elves used the same local raw materials for their structures, and so the buildings are the same texture and color.

As for architecture, I just drew on memory and stereotypes of Mediterranean coastal buildings. No research at all. In the end we thought it maybe looked a little like a Mexican pueblo, but we brought in some neutral observers and at least one mentioned Italy, so we couldn’t be too far off! Anyway, it’s fantasy.

To see the finished product, and see a step by step:

Dark Age- Skaard vs. Forsaken
Dark Age is a miniatures line inspired by the art of Brom.

As with most miniatures games where are comes first, Dark Age is very difficult to assemble. The joins are thin and no mercy is shown to the poor soul that has to pin it all. With this set the artist worked double time to get some really dynamic bases and positioning to add narrative.

See all new work here:

The bases are made with a lot of pieces from the new GW Cities of Death terrain, but we carefully avoided any imperial insignia showing up.

The challenge with this project was to get flat colors to have differentiation of layers, but still be flat, dark and smooth. While it may not look it, there are numerous layers to achieve the colors, each on working on thelast. Typically: thin paint base, glaze, high-light, re-glaze, re-highlight.

This is representative of what Blue Table considers Level 5 and 6 (level 7 would be display quality).

Paladins of Alahan in Blue
This project is a set of Paladins of Alahan done for a client who runs an RPG. Thus, the unorthodox blue armor.

See all new work here:

The leader is a conversion, swapping a helmet from a regular Paladin. The helmet mane is re-sculpted. The base model is Alahel the Messenger.

The blue used here is Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue. The translucent effect is achieved by multiple layers of glazes—blackscale glaze, blue glaze, a second layer of blue glaze (with a hint of blue ink for brightness), and gold glaze. While the blue parts are still drying, the gold is applied to beat back the blue with water pressure. The danger here is that the two wet areas (blue and yellow/brown) will mix and make green, thus some fine blacklining is needed to cover that up.

Death Guard Vehicles
This project called for four highly converted vehicles—three Rhinos and a Defiler.

See all new work here:

Conversion work includes a lot of scratch-builds—parts made out of raw pieces like plasticard and balsa wood. Each Rhino has a bit of a story. One shows a nurgling pouring some foul liquid on an almost dead Ultramarine, another is a charnel house where bodies are lowered in and nurglified.

The Defiler’s weapons are made of a Hellcannon and modified Tyranid heavy weapons. Aaand a LOT of green stuff, striated like muscle tissue.

This is some of Blue Table’s earlier work with glazes, where multiple, paint-based translucent layers are put down on top of each other, or over solid paint (like in the brass areas). This works very well for Nurgle, in fact here is some other work with Death Guard:

You need to scroll down a bit.

Evil Dwarves III
This is the third installment of an Evil Dwarves project.

See all new work here:

Colors used:

Parasite Brown- lower skin
Cavalry Brown- horns
Ikor Coraline Blue- beard
Hand mixed greys on the sword with brown glazes

Vallejo Middlestone- carapace
Ivory- belly, with subsequent glazes of brown and green
Vallejo Saddle Brown- stripes

The bases are pretty plain, but they had to match existing models, so not much to be done there.

Happenings at the Studio
We’ve got the first annual Blue Table Invitational coming up on the 19th; Warhammer Fantasy this time. Between staff and friends we’ve got a goodly 12-16 people coming. I was hoping to have my Skaven Weird Science army done, but no dice. Bill is out of town this week and won’t get to the huge assembly before he gets back from Pennsylvania. Bill’s two assistants are taking over for the week, and handily so!

Deals and Promos- Blue Table Buzz
Here’s the improved version of the Buzz program. It occurred to me that most people don’t use more than a few forums. Give a good review of our work on forums or newsgroups and get up to a $20.00 credit for assembly or painting on your next army. OK, here are the rules:
§ Must be for a full army you had painted by Blue Table
§ A full army would be any project of $100 or more. Fair enough?
§ You must really mean it!
§ Please email me the links to your posts. Subject line Blue Table Buzz
§ Your posts should include a link to
§ You can make up to two posts on different sites at $10.00 each.
§ You will get an email back confirming your credit.
§ You can get a direct link to a Gallery album by right-clicking the text description, choosing Properties then copying the link.
§ This is being run during August and September 2006.

Personal- Sir Grifferton
Griffin is almost 18 months old now. He is cruising around the house like he owns the joint. He has sandy brown locks, a skipped generation of Scandinavian blood, and ice blue eyes to match. Griffin deals with every shock and disappointment of life with complacent eyes. Only two things bother him: boredom and alone-ness. As long as he can be a part of what is going on, he’s a happy camper. He wants to eat what we eat and do what we do. I’m just savoring every moment with him.

Griffin is, unfortunately, doomed to a life of nicknames. Here are some we use: Griffy Grifferton, Griffster, and Griffinator.

Top Three Links
Site of the Week: Dakka Dakka
They really rolled out the red carpet for us.

#3 Eldar Rumors

#2 Nurgle Daemonic Legion
(We could approximate this work. I would rate this in the BTP Level 6-7 range)

#1 Pig Iron (from
I would cry with joy to paint one of those tanks.

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