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Monday, August 28, 2006
Issue 87

§ Musings Hordes Review
§ On the Block Now Accepting Credit Cards
§ New this Week Ulthwe, Wolfen, Nemesis and 20 more
§ Happenings at the Studio Now Hiring, tournament report
§ Deals and Promos Double Deal
§ Personal The Weather
§ Top Three Links Colonel Marbles, Trollblood Beer Raiders, Orc Rumors
§ Contact Info
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Musings- Hordes Review
Hordes is a game put out by Privateer Press. It is compatible with their wildly popular War Machine game.

Hordes is played on a four foot square board with figures of a certain total of points. A typical army will be 500 or 750 points. A single large figure or a unit of figures costs 60-120 points, so an army might consist of four or five large figures and a unit or two of regular figures. My 500 point Trollblood army consists of just five figures.

Each army has a leader called a Warcaster (for War Machine) or a Warlock (for Hordes). If your Warcaster/Warlock is knocked out that’s pretty much it. But various game mechanics make it so that it’s hard to do it in one fell swoop.

The figures are more detailed than Games Workshop figures, and they take two or three times the effort to paint and assemble. But since you only need like 5-20 figures for your whole army, it more than evens out.

The models are designed well. One, have lots of putty on hand for the gaps, and pinning is a must. A lot of this is due to the vagaries of casting in pewter. Two, there is very limited flexibility with poses. It requires a lot of effort to get much variation. However, the models are very beautiful as-is and since you don’t need ten of the same model in your army, it isn’t such a big deal. I’ve found that the best way to get alterations is to add gear. Like this:

A modified canteen on this Khador warcaster:

As far as casting and packaging, I’ve had no complaints. There are only very rarely missing pieces and the mould lines are minimal. I’ve yet to see a figure with an unusual amount of flashing.

The game is a delight to play. Each model has like ten options during its turn: run, charge, attack, head butt, armlock, headlock, slam, push, throw, use a spell, channel a spell, etc. Each turn you have to carefully orchestrate your moves. I lay awake at night thinking of how I could have played each game better. There are so many options.

Ranged attacks are not very long range, only 8-14?, so that keeps the game very close-quartered.

Hordes is now my game of choice. It plays like a dream, and with so few models to paint up you can really pay a lot of attention to them. Check out my beloved Khador force:

Blue Table Painting has done a TON of War Machine:
and Hordes:

Thanks for tuning in!
Shawn Gately

PS- We’ll have a bunch of new figures up for sale this coming week. Typically, you can get us to buy, assemble, and paint a 500 point force high quality for $150-250.

PPS- Still picking away at the Weird Science Skaven.

PPPS- You can find me at Blakfyre Games in Orem every Wednesday if you want to throw down.

On the Block- Credit Card Payment
We now accept major credit cards. You can make payment over the phone just like normal! Our phone number is 801 372 8545
· Credit Card (American Express, Discover, Mastercard or Visa)
· Money Order
· Paypal to

New this Week
Oh my, there are like twenty new projects. Check the New Stuff Gallery


The models from this project are destined to be leaders for a Warhammer Ogres proxy army—using Rackham Wolfen as stand-ins for an ogre tribe.


See all new work here:

Snow on the bases is made using a mix of half white paint and half Woodland Scenics snow flock. This makes a hard and workable snow effect.

The directive here was to set a precedent for the whole army. We decided to work off Killyox’s color scheme—earthtones with green. The grey and pale brown fur creates a light and uniform background for the other elements to show up.

Colors are Vallejo bone white, deep green, saddle brown, and royal blue.

Keep your eyes peeled! More models to come for this army.

Ancient of Ulthwe

This is part one of three parts. This is the core of an Ulthwe army.

See all new work here:

These have a basic and striking pattern of flat black and bone. The black is a dark black base with a heavy drybrush of charcoal grey. This is smoothed and toned down with a Vallejo black glaze. The bone is GW Bleached bone with two layers of brown glaze and then a re-touchup at the end.

The patterns on the Wraithguard heads were pulled from the jetbike hood patterns in the Eldar book. Originally, we had contemplated doing runes but after Andy saw this pattern on a Forge World tank, he really took to it.

The decals on the tanks (which they could have done without—having plenty of embellishment in my opinion) were fixed after the pics were taken. You may notice a shiny rim around the edge. This can be fixed with the application of some matte varnish. Sometimes a shot of Testor’s Dull Cote will take care of decal shine, too.

The next two installations: super-converted Seer Council on jetbikes, and Aspect Warriors.

Hybrid and Nemesis
This is some of Jay’s best work to date. I couldn’t stop looking at them. The client for this project requested bases that would mesh with the tiles in the Hybrid board game.

See all new work here:

The painting here was done in multiple layers of glazes. The colored parts are done with something like five colors simultaneously in a middle layer—everything wet at the same time and bleeding into each other. This isn’t a new concept by any means, watercolor artists use this to good effect. It is a hard effect to control, and requires focus to pay attention to what you are doing as well as what you just did; “babysitting? the colors as they move around a little bit more.

The metal parts are Vallejo Gunmetal Grey (a huge favorite of mine) with two types of translucent glazes on them, one using Vallejo Deep Green paint.

The bases draw from all sorts of plastic GW kits: Imperial Guard heavy weapons, Chaos vehicles, Tau hatches, and loads of Space marine stuff. With some hacking and filing, they all fit in a cohesive way.

Tip: Testor’s plastic glue for models will fuse plastic parts and hold them in place while you are still working on assembly. I would recommend this for plasic bases with plastic parts. However, the plastic glue will not work on metal at all!

Trollbloods of Deepstone Kriel

These are the first few figures in a Trollblood army for Hordes.

See all new work here:

Colors used: Vallejo gunmetal grey, deep green, dark Prussian blue, and bone white. The rusting effect is brown glaze mixed with Vallejo cavalry brown which is stippled on then I wipe off the excess. Makes for a heavy rust effect.

The Dire Troll did not turn out how I wanted. The skin is not smooth on the back. The hands are perfect through—that’s seven layers of translucent glazes with some wet blending halfway through with some bone white to re-establish light and dark. My theory is that skin is translucent, and that might be able to be mimicked with paints. I think for some future trolls, I’ll see if I can get that pale jade effect like on some of the cards.

More to come! A converted Hoarluck is in the works (I’ve been using Ironhide as my general, but he’s pitifully short on the Fury!). Also, I’ve got some Trollblood Champions (ten to be precise) all put together, and I’ll be working with Thayne on those.

Happenings at the Studio
The studio tournament on the 19th was a smashing success. We had twelve participants and six fabulous boards that we slaved away over. A local game shop winner took home the Overall. I took last place with three losses playing Andy’s Wood Elves.

We’re hiring. If you’re local we have: packing, cleaning, administrative (part time to start), assembly, and painting. Or maybe even all of those things rolled into one full time gig. In two or three months we’re going to need a new full-time Painter and that’s worth moving here for. Contact me for details.

Deals and Promos- Double Deal
First off, Blue Table now gives a standard 20% off on commonly available models. Some foreign companies are excepted (like Forge World, and Infinity Games, etc.) since they only sell their stuff at full price and do not use US distributors.

Here’s the improved version of the Buzz program. It occurred to me that most people don’t use more than a few forums. Give a good review of our work on forums or newsgroups and get up to a $20.00 credit for assembly or painting on your next army. OK, here are the rules:
§ Must be for a full army you had painted by Blue Table
§ A full army would be any project of $100 or more. Fair enough?
§ You must really mean it!
§ Please email me the links to your posts. Subject line Blue Table Buzz
§ Your posts should include a link to
§ You can make up to two posts on different sites at $10.00 each.
§ You will get an email back confirming your credit.
§ You can get a direct link to a Gallery album by right-clicking the text description, choosing Properties then copying the link.
§ This is being run during August and September 2006.

Life in Utah valley has cooled down. The warm summer nights are punctuated with growling storms that come down the towering mountains. The savage thunder draws me from my home to look out over the trees.

I’m following Dead Like Me on sci-fi channel. I love that show. Nothing like violent death for a chuckle.

Top Three Links
Here are the top three that I came across on my internet journeys this week.

#3 Colonel Marbles- weekly video miniatures review
#2 Troll Beer Raiders- Some great conversions from some tough models
<Drum Roll> #1 Orc Rumours on Dakka

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