I went through the codex's I have and maxed out the Force Org chart for the armies below. I was curious on how they matched up. A friend of mine is going to battle it out with another friend using the entire FoC no point limit. Its kinda sad... but they both are breaking 6k in space morons already. I know they are filling in holes by borrowing a few units from the rest of us.

I can't copy paste the lists cause A) they are to large and can't lists costs etc

But this is what I got total

IG (Based on Harakoni IG - My fav): 6967 Points and 400 Models
Necron: 4780 Points and 170 Models (Phase out is 41)
Witch Hunters: 5756 Points and 203 Models (Faith Points 14)
Space Morons: 7079 Points and 148 Models
Tau Empire: 5062 Points and 195 Models
Chaos (Iron Warriors - My fav): 7891 Points and 201 Models

I don't know enough about Nids, Eldar, Dark Eldar and Orcs to go through their lists quickly.

I went with the most pricy items I could. I saved all the rosters as well.

Just thought this was interesting and wanted to share.