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    Blue Table Update 88- Baying of Chaos

    Blue Table Painting Update

    Tuesday, September 18, 2006
    Issue 88
    § Musings What Happened?
    § On the Block War Machine and Hordes
    § New this Week Chaos Mortals, Wargods, Blood Angels and 25 more
    § Happenings at the Studio Sacramento Tournament, Manual
    § Deals and Promos Double Deal, US Armed Forces
    § Contact Info
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    Musings- What Happened?
    There’s been no Update for like two weeks. Well, we’ve been really busy tending to clients. And in fact this update will not be much relief.

    We got our first Ad in Dungeon magazine, issue 138 (page 112). Pretty exciting!

    On the Block
    There are some new listings in our For Sale section including a War Machine army and two Hordes armies:

    We now accept major credit cards. You can make payment over the phone just like normal! Our phone number is 801 372 8545
    · Credit Card (American Express, Discover, Mastercard or Visa)
    · Money Order
    · Paypal to

    New this Week
    Oh my, there are like twenty new projects. Check the New Stuff Gallery

    Personally, I’m working on a Chaos Mortals army. I’m doing it for a lark, so that means that it will be on the block soon enough. Here are some teaser pics:

    Also, we now have a fabulously converted, yet unpainted Dark Elf army. What’s in it? One Lord on Dragon, Prince on Cold one, three Sorceresses, 20 Corsairs, 20 Spearmen, 12 Crossbowmen, 25 Dark Riders, 9 Cold One Knights, 2 Chariots, 2 Bolt Throwers, and 1 Hydra and handlers. Cost is something like $600 for materials, $1200 for painting, and $500 for assembly. These guys are just looking for a home… meaning someone to commission the painting for the project. Oh, and everything has magnetized movement trays.

    Happenings at the Studio
    A huge amount of stuff has happened at the studio the last few weeks. We are solidifying as a staff—four full time painters and one full time assembler, plus support staff. Andy, Heather, Jay, Jon, Bill, Heather, and Shawn. Those are the people that pay their bills with this work. It’s a phenomenon that we are even here. We are in a nice studio. Every day I’m grateful that we are in business.

    The guys headed out to Sacramento, CA today for a huge Indie tournament. Well, a few staff at least. We’ll let you know how that goes. There was of course a push at the end to get everything ready and display boards in order.

    On the inside: I’m re-writing the Artist’s Manual, a comprehensive 50-page how-to on making it as an Artist at Blue Table. Soon to come: the School of Paint-ology. It’s part of the transformation of Blue Table from a one-man-band to an elite cadre of dedicated gamer/professionals. As the weeks go on, I see the staff getting stronger in both technique and dedication. I mean, check out these Eldar:

    I played a game at the LGS (plug for Blackfyre Games in Orem, UT!) with an Orboros wolf-themed force I cooked up and had a fun time, but ultimately crushed by Khador. Orboros is insanely fast. I can’t wait until Woldwardens come out so I can do a Baldur/Elemental Construct army.

    On September 9, Blakfyre hosted a goodbye to 6th edition tournament. I went to co-host it. I thought I had kicked my Warhammer addiction, but a new rulebook and all those people playing Warhammer really got me interested again.

    We’re hiring. If you’re local we have: packing, cleaning, administrative (part time to start), assembly, and painting. Or maybe even all of those things rolled into one full time gig. OK, now the second part: in two or four months we’re going to need a new full-time Painter and that’s worth moving here for. Contact me for details.

    Deals and Promos- Double Deal
    First off, Blue Table now gives a standard 20% off on commonly available models that you would like to commission for assembly and painting. Some foreign companies are excepted (like Forge World, and Infinity Games, etc.) since they only sell their stuff at full price and do not use US distributors.

    Second off, Blue Table gives a standard 30% off on models for the men of the US armed forces. Applies to models available for distribution in the US, like above; for commissioned work. End product must be shipped to an APO/FPO.

    Here’s the improved version of the Buzz program. It occurred to me that most people don’t use more than a few forums. Give a good review of our work on forums or newsgroups and get up to a $20.00 credit for assembly or painting on your next army.
    OK, here are the rules:
    § Must be for a full army you had painted by Blue Table
    § A full army would be any project of $100 or more. Fair enough?
    § You must really mean it!
    § Please email me the links to your posts. Subject line Blue Table Buzz
    § Your posts should include a link to
    § You can make up to two posts on different sites at $10.00 each.
    § You will get an email back confirming your credit.
    § You can get a direct link to a Gallery album by right-clicking the text description, choosing Properties then copying the link.
    § This is being run during August and September 2006.

    Contact Info
    Shawn = Owner
    · Yahoo Messenger ID is jazzmouth
    · Phone 801 372 8545 see if I don’t pick up!

    Heather L. = Office Manager
    · Yahoo Messenger ID is middlepillarpath

    All the best,
    Shawn Gately

    Blue Table Painting
    --Miniatures painting service. High quality, good prices, and quick turnaround.

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    Awesome.... Simply wonderful painting. =D

    I'm going top look around the site, mabey ask some questions. Looks really cool.

    Edit: Do you have any guids on how to paint better? What are some of the techniques yuou use?
    Last edited by Illegal_Carrot; September 19th, 2006 at 04:25.

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