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Blue Table Painting

Monday, October 30, 2006
Issue 94

Greetings all! We’re having a great Halloween here in Spanish Fork. I took the family out to the Halloween walk downtown today. Our kids were a witch, a skeleton, and a scarecrow. They were all just adorable. I went in my normal costume: an alien disguised as a human to perfectly infiltrate human society. I did the skeleton painting on my son’s face and it was head-turning.

The weather is crisp, the snowline creeping down the towering mountains to the East. Autumn is my favorite season, it makes my mind come alive.

· There was an error on the War Machine spreadsheets that did not apply the 20% discount for cost of models. If you have ordered War Machine (not Hordes) models through us before October 20, 2006 but after September 10, 2006, please drop me a line and I will review your order.
· I am looking for Eric Hansen from Michigan. He called and left his phone on my voicemail but it cut out for the area code! Argh!

Chaos That Time Forgot
My insanely converted Chaos Mortals army is done! I am completely pleased with how the army looks and plays. See here for a hundred pics:
Blue Table Painting: Gallery List

Colonel Marbles
A clever weekly miniatures review.
Colonel Marbles Miniatures Reviews

Level 2 Please
A lot of people just want to get their army done to a decent tabletop standard. This is what level 2 is for. The cost for painting is half the normal price. Here are some Wood Elves done to L2 (everything except the heroes is L2):
Blue Table Painting: Gallery List

That’s $2.75 a model for basic infantry and $7.00 for cavalry.

This makes it very affordable to have an army done. You need to give some more lee way for artistic license, though this is generally a good thing. For those just joining us, Blue Table Painting scale comprises Levels 2-6. Regular troopers are usually 2-4, and heroes 5-6.

Slaanesh Army For Sale
A very competitive, highly converted 2500 point army with movement trays and display board. More pics and details:
Ebay Auction: eBay: Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Daemon Army of Slaanesh painted (item 130034028779 end time Nov-03-06 12:34:27 PST)
Blue Table Painting: Gallery List

War Machine Menoth
War Machine is a great game. It is intense and each unit has a load of options during the game. There are four basic factions for the game. Menoth are organized zealots who use holy fire and righteous fury to cleanse their enemies. Check out these Menoth figures:
Blue Table Painting: Gallery List

Behind the Curtain…
We took a group picture of staff out on the front steps of the studio.
Blue Table Painting: Gallery List

Dream Project
We would really, really like to do a DELUXE Space Hulk game, using the new cities of death basework for the tiles, rooms, and highly converted new edition Terminators and Genestealers (maybe even use Tyranid Warriors instead of Genestealers) This would be a labor of love and also be incredibly expensive. I’d say on the order of $1400, but you would own something out of this world that probably no one else on the planet has.

Any takers?

Deal with the Devil
During the month of December we’ll be taking a few projects for personal entertainment. The painting cost will be HALF normal. However, you must give us TOTAL artistic license. Your army will stay within the general theme of published works (ie the army book), but other than that you are completely handing over the project to me to do as I please. A fat budget for conversions and specialty basing is recommended.

Orcs of Skull River
In our eBay Store we have an entire Orc army for sale, strongly themed and converted. It’s based on the Orc army box with several expansions. This army features several freehand painted banners.
eBay Store - Blue Table Painting: Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, Warhammer 40K
Pics-- Blue Table Painting: Gallery List

World Eaters are Coming
Next week we’re going to have a smoking unit of World Eaters Bikers on the block. These are amazingly converted. Alongside them a champion on Juggernaut and on foot.

Blue Table Painting: Gallery List

We’re going to change the base edges to dark brown (unless you like them green). You can jump the gun and buy the lot of 10 models right now for $425 just drop me an email (they will be more once listed). FW symbol not included.

Now Hiring
I need someone to help me run the studio. Well, actually, you’d be working with three other leadership types to run the studio. As soon as you’re stable, you’ll have a great deal of lee way. I’m going back to painting and mentoring. It pays $8-9 an hour TO START, and the company is growing. Email Shawn at for details.

We’ll be bringing on another full time painter next Spring. Now accepting applications for that, too.

Deals and Promos- Double Deal
First off, Blue Table now gives a standard 20% off on commonly available models that you would like to commission for assembly and painting. Some foreign companies are excepted (like Forge World, and Infinity Games, etc.) since they only sell their stuff at full price and do not use US distributors.

Second off, Blue Table gives a standard 30% off on models for the men and women of the US armed forces. Applies to models available for distribution in the US, like above; for commissioned work. End product must be shipped to an APO/FPO.

Contact Info
Shawn = Client Relations
· Yahoo Messenger ID is jazzmouth
· Phone 801 372 8545 see if I don’t pick up!

Heather L. = Office Manager
· Yahoo Messenger ID is middlepillarpath

All the best,
Shawn Gately