Hello all.

I've recently run into a few bumps on the road regarding a club campaing I'm designing.

Namely, making the map for it.

Now, I know I can happilly run the campaign without one, but I've decided I really want all the bells and whistles this time.

I'm looking into getting some campaign map-making software, I've found these guys here - ProFantasy Software ~ map making for RPG, game, historical and hobby mappers

And I was wondering if anyone has used them before, or if anyone has a better recommendation. These guys seem geared towards more D&D type stuff, but at least the program looks comprehensive.

I'm a printer by trade so I have a lot of resources at my disposal to make some really keen campaigning gear, ie: big maps and force disposition charts and the like, all bound together in a booklet. And I really want this one to be well organized and in-depth.

So if anyone has any ideas or a good comparison it would be greatly helpful.