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    Blue Table Painting - Issue 100 - Best Wishes

    Blue Table Painting Update
    Tuesday, December 26, 2006
    Issue 100

    Hey Everyone at Blue Table Painting-

    Just wanted to drop a huge thank you for the winter wood elves! They look amazing Heather!! Blue Table Painting had better watch out so Games Workshop doesn't steal you away! I just got back from our local gaming store giving them a trial run, and unfortunately the Vampire Counts had their way with the Elves, but the Elves definitely got the most style points! I was approached by everyone in the gaming store and had to keep a handkerchief nearby to wipe up the drool over the great looking army :-)

    Thanks a ton for delivering top notch service!!

    Chris L., Ohio

    Best Wishes
    I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas. We here at Blue Table wish you the best in the new year. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our dream job a reality.

    As some may know, January 1, 2007 marks the three year anniversary of Blue Table Painting. It’s been a wild ride. At this point we are well established in our market. But we’re not resting on our laurels! Every single person at the studio understands that it is a daily struggle to prove that we deserve to exist in the open market. It is only by the YOUR good graces that we make our living.

    On Stage
    I started a studio Blog. It is updated every day and is well worth reading.

    Warning, this also doubles as my personal log!

    Sticker Shock
    There are several ways to cut cost on a project:

    1) Have your models done Level 2-- this is half the painting price. Generally $2.75 per infantry, $30-40 for tanks. You get less pics, and basing is done more simply, and we need license on HOW to do the figures (you still pick colors-- though some colors like predominantly white cannot be done L2).

    2) Artistic License Program-- your models are done at 5-25% less on painting cost, but we get COMPLETE artistic license for painting. You still decide armament and army composition (though you can give this over, too). The army will be done within the reasonable background of the army (eg no purple and pink space marines). The amount of the discount depends on the type of army-- off hand I would say Tyranids, Necrons, Tau, and Dark Eldar would expect the maximum amount.

    Usually, we ask that whole armies be done using these specials (or at least sizeable chunks). Smaller runs are harder to get any sort of efficiency ratio going.

    Client feedback is almost exclusively the only way that BTP artists get raises. You decide when you get your project if that artist should be paid more.

    This website is nothing short of inspirational.

    Movement Trays coming soon!
    About a year ago we discontinued our custom movement trays. Well, they’re coming back in January. You can get a graveled, painted, flocked, magnetized, matching movement tray for your units for $15.00 each. Affixing metal plates is $0.70 per model. This is a really, really nice feature for a Warhammer Fantasy army.

    Resin Casting
    Blue Table Painting is working to bring you supplemental pieces for your miniatures—custom bases, shoulderpads, skulls, specialty arms, weapons, you name it. We sent two of our staff to California to work with a professional in the movie prop industry and learn how to make casts.

    These will all be created/sculpted from scratch in house. We absolutely will not reproduce copyrighted material.

    Chaos Mortals
    Take a gander at this unique Warhammer Fantasy army.

    Contact Info
    Shawn = Client Relations
    · Yahoo Messenger ID is jazzmouth
    · AIM ID is BTP
    · Phone 801 372 8545 see if I don’t pick up!

    Heather L. = Office Manager
    · Yahoo Messenger ID is middlepillarpath

    Bitz Policy
    Blue Table usually keeps extra bitz after a project. This becomes a communal pot for our clients. We charge nothing (or very little) for bitz used in conversions. As the bitz wall grows and grows it’s nothing but good for you!

    If you want your bitz back, that’s no problem either.

    Up with Spreadsheets
    A full complement of 40K spreadsheets are available in the Downloads section of our website. In fact, I uploaded a whole ton of new ones, and cleaned up the Downloads section.

    Slaanesh Army For Sale
    A very competitive, highly converted 2500 point army with movement trays and display board. More pics and details:

    L2 Lizards
    A lot of people just want to get their army done to a decent tabletop standard. This is what level 2 is for. The cost for painting is half the normal price. Here are some Lizardmen done to L2:

    That’s $2.75 a model for basic infantry and $7.00 for cavalry.

    This makes it very affordable to have an army done. You need to give some more lee way for artistic license, though this is generally a good thing. For those just joining us, Blue Table Painting scale comprises Levels 2-6. Regular troopers are usually 2-4, and heroes 5-6.

    Deals and Promos- Men in Uniform
    First off, Blue Table now gives a standard 20% off on commonly available models that you would like to commission for assembly and painting. Some foreign companies are excepted (like Forge World, Dark Age and Infinity Games, etc.) since they only sell their stuff at full price and/or do not use US distributors.

    Second off, Blue Table gives a standard 30% off on models for the men and women of the US armed forces. Applies to models available for distribution in the US, like above; for commissioned work. End product must be shipped to an APO/FPO.

    During January and February of 2007 we will be extending this courtesy to Veterans (I hope to make this a permanent feature, we’ll see if it’s feasible). We just need some kind of verification. Any suggestions?

    All the best,
    Shawn Gately

    Blue Table Painting
    --Miniatures painting service. High quality, good prices, and quick turnaround.

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    Shawn, as a service member I appreciate the offer you give us for another 10% off model prices. But your requirement to ship to an APO/FPO really limits most service members who are currently stationed state side. Most won't have APO/FPO addresses. I can also attest that there are many US Civilians who use those addresses as well.

    As for suggestions on how to otherwise verify military status without giving out really personal information, I don't have anything at the moment, but I will email you if I can think of something.
    Nights Justice Space Marines
    Eldar Eth Kariel Craftworld
    Spear of Kurnous - High Elf Expeditionary Army

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    I am working on the policies with this. I want it to be flexible and extend it to the maximum number of servicemen possible, but at the same time protect the integrity of the program.

    Here is the latest for Veterans:
    During 2007 we will be extending this courtesy to Veterans, too. We politely request a scan or photocopy of your Retired ID Military Card or a scan/photocopy of the Serviceman's Report of Separation DD214. Once this is on file, you’re set after that.

    Basically, if you are willing to provide something reasonable, we'll archive that and you're set.

    I am open to suggestions, just email me at

    Shawn G.
    Last edited by bluetablepainting; January 3rd, 2007 at 19:59. Reason: forgot email addy

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