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    "Historical Battles" and Rules

    The tactics thread made me think of this.

    How effectively can we describe certain key events in WH40k or WH fantasy history in terms of the actual game mechanics? I've seen stuff on d20 boards where they've described round for round what game mechanic was "being used" in a set of historical battles. An example being something like 'darth maul failing his sense motive check to figure out what Obi-Wan was up to before being cut in half.' In a way, the value of our rules comes not just from their balance, but indeed their ability to represent the sort of scenes we're depicting.

    Basically, this is a bit of a disjointed idea for a thread but... Can you folks think of good "historical" incidents that either 1.) Can be expanded on via the rules (Akin to what was done with the DoW opening in the tactics thread) or 2.) Seem to contradict the rules quite a bit (like the chaos sorcerer serving beside the Khornite champion in Winter Assault)? Also, would some occurances work better with different rule sets? IE: Would Uriel Ventriss invading the Hive Fleet be best represented or recreated as a combat patrol mission? Or would the Lorn V campaign shown in Dawn of War: Winter Assault be a series of scenarios of epic? My apologies for the myriad DoW references, they're the first things that came to my mind.

    I figured it might make for a good conversation topic.

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    Different ideas?

    Well this isnt what you meant but...
    My gaming group often look at actual historical events,and set pieces from films.
    And make up our own senarios .
    Its just a way of making fun and interesting games ,no matter what game system you use.
    All VP are mission based,and after playing the scenario ,you swap sides and play again.
    So if SM are attacking and Orks are defending you just swap table sides.SO the SM always attack with the same force.And the Orks always defend with the same force.
    It is down to the skill of the players(and lady luck) who get the most PV.

    Doing it this way means you dont 'have to' follow FOC or pv limits.

    Just a thought.


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