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    story idea for a fanfict

    Hello everybody.

    Recently, in my spare time i was thinking about a story related to the Warhammer Fantasy world, but before i start i need some information about the lore. I currently need the name of some characters and events.

    So heres what i need :

    - I need the name of great heroes of about every armies except Lizardmen and Bretonnian. If you answer my question with alot of names, please also say if they are alive or dead.
    - I need the current Empire year.
    - I need to know wiich Orc god is the one of magic, Gork or Mork ?
    - I need to know what is the real size of a giant(in meter if possible)
    - I need to know the name of the races that do not have a WHFB army
    - finally, i need a map of the current Old World if it currently exist.

    Thanks for your help. =) i know i ask a lot of things, but i really need them so my story goes in a good way.

    Also, my story will probly be long compared to a real fanfict, so i need to know how to put all the pages into a PDF if it is possible, i don't know a lot of things about PDF. To make things easier, a place where i could upload my text for free and that let people download it would be better.

    I won't post anything of my scenario right now, because it's only in my head and not on paper for now, ill post the summary once it is done and when i will know the current Empire year. The only thing i can say is that it will involve Slaanesh(monkey porn? maybe...), war(hummm...), an abbey and finally, a Goblin Shaman Warboss and his Giant friend

    ps. i don't know if it's the good place to post. i apologize if it's not.

    ps2. My main language is french, sorry if you can't understand everything

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    Its tricky so say which of the orc gods is the more magical one. Gork is described as ruthlessly cunning and Mork is described as cunningly ruthless. Good old GW.

    In older fluff Mork was always more magic orientated and Gork just punched people in the face though.
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