I hope this is a good place to post something like this!

Basically, Adepticon (for those not familiar with it) is “what Games Day should be like” – and that is probably the best description of it. It happens on the last weekend of March in Chicago, Illinois (one of the area hotels, close to O’Hare Airport). One of our guys is driving in and he wanted to rent (and split) boarding cost with someone in the hotel that the Adepticon will takes place at.

Saturday is the National Team Tournament with 4 people teams from all over the country (and abroad). One of "my" guys had to drop out of it this week due to work schedule changes.

If anyone here would be interested in joining us, we would gladly reserve the spot for you!

Any army will do, as long as you can claim to be "the good guy"... So far we have Two Eldar players and a detachment of Sisters of Battle. You would have to be able to field a painted 1000pts army list with only 1 HQ and 1 Troop as a compulsory choice (only Troops can be taken in multiples – meaning 1, 2 or 3 squads).

As only 4 weeks are left, and competition is always fierce on many levels (painting, basing, overall theme and such) we are just going to take in the atmosphere and play games for the whole day. If you have never been to a tourney like that – let me tell you – you will want to come back next year too!

If interested – please PM me!