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    can any of you guys understand this ?!!?

    , I came to a startling (if somewhat obvious) idea: That it might not only have been a C'tan vs C'tan fight 'back in the day' (and in recent days).

    Let's take a look:

    What do the C'tan want?

    The Outsider

    He's maaa, he's maaaaa...., he's maaaaaaaaaa. He's insane.

    Who knows what he wants, even if he wants anything at all these days. Peace and quiet in the land where the Horizon curves upwards (his Dyson Sphere...)

    The Dragon

    Who knows? The Dragon is somewhat an anomaly. The most powerful, but the most...characterless. There's nothing to him except being the most powerful. Presumably, from that, he wanst more power. Like expanding his command over immediate space and time and natural law to extend over and above the natural universe. Perhaps he wishes to control it all? Suffice to say: wiping out all life is probably a bad thing...there'll not be much to eat or wield control over (unless we liken him to Omega, in which he'd happily be the lord of his own Universe...with no-one in it...)

    The Deciever

    I believe he is perhaps the most 'godly' of the C'tan: he requires followers. His interest isn't in exterminating life so much as subjugating it and bending it to his will (and then his 'stomach')

    The Nightbringer

    Death, killing, hunger. He'll have a canny knack for killing things, and I would think he's happy enough to destroy all life he finds but not to destroy all life once and for all.

    Note, of course, that these are immensely simplified. The Dragon & the Deciever probably have the largest 'vested interests' in finishing off the Old Ones and their creation.

    What do the Necrons want?

    The Warriors

    The Necron Warriors hate life. The basic Warrior would destroy everything and anything it can. At the orders of it's superiors, of course, but as an individual unit it has one function, much like a Dalek:


    The Immortals

    They've a spot more intellect and personality than Warriors. I doubt their intent extends much past Exterminate either, but I'd propose that they *do* have the capacity for cunning, long term planning, and taking an illicit pleasure from it all: not simply being the old mindless automata. Fighting a lone Immortal would be quite a fearsome prospect: cunning, intelligent, highly thoughtful...but still loosely bent on one purpose.

    The Lords

    They've their base hatred, and they may be in league with some of the C'tan: but what of those whose Patron C'tan are gone? What about the Lords who've enough free will to become 'heretics'? To view all of life as forefeit, even the cattle of their patron C'tan?

    Given that the Lords are more and more being illustrated as true 'characters' rather than 'machine leaders', I'd wager there's plenty of scope for internal conflict and removing some of the mindless machine stigma attached to Necrons: they're so much more!

    In any case, I'm still not proposing we'll be getting 'Light Necrons' (As opposed to Dark Eldar), but I do feel there's plenty of scope for added character-dimensions within the ranks of the Servants of the Star Vampires.

    What about the Necron Lords who want their own shot at trying to inhabit a Necrodermis?

    So, my point and the 'problem' I'm raising is this, primarily:

    The C'tan and Necrons have fundamentally different interests

    The C'tan have no particular interest in 'destroying all life''s not a benefit to them to do so. They like eating life, stars are boring. They can use the Necrons to gain 'immediate' (relatively speaking) control of all life, but they aren't out to exterminate everyone.

    The Necrons, on the other hand, are simply husks with the main driving force being an overpowering hatred and despising of all life. They want to see it all gone, everything except them, then they can live happily ever after for all eternity.

    So, given this, it's entirely feasible that we can start seeing the Necrons & Gods as a far more fractured force than they've been presented before. They may well be the greatest threat in the known Universe...but they're also their own worst enemies...their own *only* enemies in their eyes now! Now there is only one Talisman left: who else can stop them

    what do you guys think ?!?!

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    Well it's not like the Lords have a life free of choice. They follow the will of their masters without questioning anything, as with all Necrons. Their thoughts do not go beyond the "eternal servitude" which they vowed to the C'tan ages ago.

    They are simply to mindless to be a fractured force. The only in-fighting would be between other C'tans, but not between the C'tan and their servants.

    This should be in the fluff-board to.

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