Forged in evil and scribed with the blood of heretics, FIREBASE is back!
Greetings fellow 40Kers. The third issue of FIREBASE has been filled with trouble, turmoil and Nurgle's rot. But it's out on general release from the 23rd of March and hosted on Warseer
We've got some real treats for you in the third and final climactic issue featuring 4 blood soaked battle reports and some mind blowing cover art by Izzy Davis.
Warhammer 40,000 Role Playing Game
Legendary Lunch Times
REAL Space Marines!
Chronicles Of An Ork Final Chapter

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Let It Snow
What Mike got up to over Christmas with his terrain boards
Back in Black
A Space Crusade chaos army that’s a real blast from the past
Legendary Lunchtimes
How to cram a great game into just sixty minutes
Time to Die!
The perilous world of customized dice
An Inquisitor’s Job is Never Done
Get the most from your Inquisitors and their retinues
Cities of Death Grand Assault
The Daemonhunters are ambushed by a Necron raiding party
REAL Space Marines!
Tim shows off his real life space marine suits
Chronicles of an Ork: Final Chapter
The Ard Knucklz go to war!
All Armies Great and Small
The Epic armies of Stephane Montabert and Yves Marie
Chaos Comic
Chaos goes clubbing -what could go wrong?
The Harlem Shuttle
A great shuttle kit for your games
A Little Less Conversation A Little More Action
Role playing in the 40k universe
I’ll Be Damned
Bob Ortwin’s Legion of the Damned army
Absolute Chaos
The gods of chaos collide
Thank You and Goodnight
Firebase bids you a fond farewell

So pop over to sometime and download the mag since it's looking like a great read, plus, it's free!