There are so many negative threads about GW product on here i thought id buck the trend and lavish some praise on them.

Recently i bought the Warhammer Ancient Battles rulebook as I would quite like to get into historical gaming but want to be led by the hand with a game engine i am familiar with (in this case its WHFB 5th edition more or less in case you didnt know) and then very recently they broughtout an expansion ruleset for a period im really interested in- early Dark Age Britain. Basically if youve read the Bernard Cornwell Warlord trilogy then you will feel at home in the period we are talking about, romano-british, picts, irish-scots, and saxons/angles/jutes- the book nicely conjures up the heroic world of the arthurian legends and dark age sagas with some nice special rules, and a couple of interesting ideas for narrative campaigns with the 'retinues' rule that i for one will certainly be using for WHFB in the future.

Whats refreshing about the WAB books is that while they have the polish of a GW product it is lacking the marketing of the other books- there is no GW figures for these rulesets (and the Legends of the Old West are similar) so its more about the wider hobby. I urge anyone who likes WHFB but gets fed up by the hard sell to give the WAB series a go