Heyy everyone ,
i was just woundering if anyone would like to buy any models ive got a list below of what im selling, you will have to email me if you want anything, i live in the uk and wont send it anywhere else other than the uk. My email address is plasticpenguin93@hotmail.com

40 k
space marines : tactical squads , whirlwind , 3 bikes , scouts , terminators , codex
(all built , painted not very well)

tyranids : guants , genestealers , codex ( all built , sprayed )

Orks : codex

warhammer fantasy
orcs and goblins : 2 battle for skull pass (no spider riders) , codex (all built (1 piece models) sprayed )

Beastmen : 2 brayshamans ( 1 unbuilt , 1 built , both not sprayed ) Gors and ungor box set ( ungors built , painted , gors 1 built the rest unbuilt )

Lizardmen : saurus ( all built sprayed)

All stuff im selling im willing to trade for ogre kingdoms stuff , no bulls , would prefer gorgers , butchers , and skrag the slaughter.

And if you email me and no a good paint scheme can you send me that please,

Thanks hoping to hear from you soon ( i havent listed the prices because im willing to trade stuff so if you would like to buy stuff tell me a price what suits you and we will sort something out )

Thanks again