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    40k and Starship troopers

    Well i think every on on this site play/collect GW/FW models and play, but i was surfing the net/ebay and was looking at the Mongoose Publishing rang of Starship troopers
    (i am a fan of the films) just woundering if any one els here play/collect these as i am thinking of geting in to it.
    Any info would be great

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    I don't play the game but I am using mostly Starship Troopers to build my next army--probably Imperial Guard or maybe Eldar. The main benefit to IG is that the ST cap troopers' visors and helmets make Chem-Inhalers an easy doctrine to model, and the basic pack comes with a missile launcher (easily converted to lascannon) and a selection of special weapons. My army theme is a Military Police Regiment and I plan to use their Neodog models for a K9 Corps (aka Rough Riders).

    If I do Eldar instead, I'll be using the Cap troops as Dire Avengers (maybe Scorpions with a lot of converting), Cougar suits for Wraithguard, WASPS for Shining Spear jetbikes and Light Infantry for Guardians and/or D-cannon crew. In either army, I'll be using the official vehicles just to avoid disputes...although I'll say in passing that the Marauder Ape suit is a good proxy for a Dreadnought with two DCCWs. You could easily throw together a Marine Scout Army with the Cap troops, Marauders, a couple stock vehicles and something from Reaper for the HQs.

    The Cap troop models have a bit less variety and detail than GW's products, but for painting Guard that's a blessing. On the one hand, the arms are modeled too close to the chest--not much room there for the rifle. On the other hand, whatever plastic they're made out of seems to be much more durable than GW's when you drop 'em. The Arachnid warriors have lots of spiky arms and tips that my Chaos army found useful. I made a half-dragon Raptor AC / Lightning Claws using them.

    The troopers are about the same scale as Guard or Marines; Cougar suits area a bit larger than Terminators; and a Grizzly is the size of a Tau battlesuit cut off at the knees.

    Tell me what the actual game is like if you pick it up.
    "My tanks have names, my men have numbers." -Col. Edmund Grahvess, 23rd Kronecker Prison Guard

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