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    GW Online Participation

    Hello all.

    I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me why GW don't take greater participation in forums and the like? Surely it must take them all of 30 seconds to update a FAQ. I mean they could ask just about any GW fan in the world and get it done for them.

    Is it just a case of having as little online as possible so that people without internet don't miss out?

    I don't understand why GW don't just hire some random guy (hell I'd do it for free) to scan the various forums for rules debates. Whoever wrote the damn book can then make a quick decision and update a FAQ to say so.

    Am I missing something and adding a line to a PDF takes a couple of months hard labour?
    Is there anyway we can ask Pete Haines or the other big bad GW guys why they hate they're scared of the internet?

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    I suppose we could probably start a little localized effort right here on LO. We start a clan of people who are willing to take questions from all the members of LO, decide on those that need to be answered and send out a single well organized email with our questions and suggestions for answers. We could probably put something like: "Librarium Online Forums FAQ Clan Monthly Question compilation" as a subject.

    This would of course require people to not send emails to Games Workshop on their own so that the webguys can go through the letters faster. Use our forums as a kind of funnel so that GW only has to work through a small number of queries each month. Hopefully this will spread on to other forums as well and GW can get away with us doing all the work.
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