I was looking at the site for my local hobby shop and realized that they are holding the current Nemesis campaign Mega-battles at 500pts per player. I got to thinking, and have discovered a question that applies to all the world-wide campaigns ever hosted:

Would it be possible to double-register?
I have two computers running on two seperate IP addresses. Quite simply, I can enter this campaign twice under two different names.

I was going to register as CaptainSarathai playing HE, but at 500pts I only get a unit of SH and a commander of some sort. Where's the fun in that. So I was going to register under another name as use 500pts of Empire in the shop-games. Atleast that way I will have a force that'll leave a dent in the baddies.
The only other option is to choose which force to play as, and as much as I hate it, it'd be Empire.