Greetings. My name is Rodney Desjarlais and I run Orc and Goblin Warpath (, a new fan resource for players of Orcs and GOblins. As you may know, Games Workshop will be running a world-wide campaign this summer called "The Storm of Chaos". Thus, it is time for Orc and Goblin players from around the world to gather together into a great Waaagh!. If we can get enough players together and coordinate our efforts, we can maximize our potential for gaining lands, fear/respect for our race, new magic items and possibly more.

There is much to discuss. Games Workshop has not yet revealed much officially about the campaign but rumors are flying around everywhere. We need to come up with and select a council of Warlords which will direct the Waaagh!

I have created a separate forum at Orc and Goblin Warpath specifically dedicated to the Storm of Chaos. Please come by and join the Waaagh! If other Orc and Goblin Webmasters have ideas for coordinating for the upcoming campaign stop by the website and give me an email with your ideas.

If you are a seasoned Orc and Goblin player with experience organizing for and playing in Games Workshop's previous worldwide campaigns (Albion for Warhammer Fantasy Battle and/or Eye of Terror for Warhammer 40,000) and are strategic minded we are looking to create an upper leadership for the Waaagh!. Join the forum and help decide what form the leadership should take and who would best be in those positions.

Other races are already organizing. It is time for the Greenskins to rise up as well. Let us gather our tribes, sharpen our weapons and our tactics, and let's make this the greatest Waaagh! the Warhammer world has seen.

Orc and Goblin Warpath