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    New High Elves 1500pts Hoeth Army

    Yo people I was given a copy of the New High Elves book the other day even though I have only ever played Chaos and Dwarves. So after reading through the book I decided to write a 1500pts army list based around the area Saphery. This was nothing to do with the Swordsmasters of Hoeth in any bit (ok i lie yes it was mmmmmmmmmmm) Bellow is the army list i created:

    Elysianis (noble)
    Great weapon, Armour of Caledor, Amulet of light

    Talishias (mage)
    hand weapon, lvl 2, Jewel of the Dusk

    Draeth (mage)
    hand weapon, Silver wand, Dispel Scroll

    10 Archers
    hand weapon, longbow, light armour

    15 Spearmen
    Full Command, hand weapon, spear, light armour, shield
    (First Among Equals) Lion Standard

    15 Spearmen
    Full Command, hand weapon, spear, light armour, shield

    5 Silver Helms
    Full Command, hand weapon, lance, heavy armour, shield, barbed elven steed

    5 Shadow Warriors
    Shadow-Walker, hand weapon, longbow, light armour

    15 Swordmasters of Hoeth
    Full Command (Bladelord has the Gem of Courage), hand weapon, two-handed weapon, heavy armour

    Repeather Bolt Thrower
    2 High Elves
    hand weapon, light armour

    power dice: 5
    dispel dice: 3+ scroll

    Any feedback is welcome since I have never done High Elves before.

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    building a saphery based army myself;Y
    well to the list...

    characters almost fine although i'd drop the amulet of light if you're not fighting beastmen or woodelves

    core units
    i would have taken advantage of the new army comopsition and drop the second spearmen and your archers. then add 3 spearmen so you get three ranks of six spears

    silver helms fine
    shadow warriors fine
    you could get more use of your swordmasters by fielding them in two ranks of seven with bladelord. then you get 15 attacks8X
    drop the banner. you dont really need it do you?
    then drop the gem of courage and give it to your noble

    1 RBT are fine
    need it to pick of fast cav when oyu dont have archers

    with the points left over you can have another unit of swordmasters (same numbers and bladelord and musician)
    give one of your bladelords the skeinsleiver. a magic item wich your whole army will benefit from as you get the first turn and surge forwards
    get the lvl.2 upgrade to your second mage

    think thats 1499 total
    messed up a little bit with the math

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    skiensliver is not worth the points, every HE army is going to have less drops anyway. And you've still got a chance to not get to go first anyway. HE are too expensive for this kind of trinket. Making your models into really 6-7rows makes them difficult to maneuver as well and gives your opponent more chances to hit your flank (where they will win combat)

    maybe give one of your mages a power stone or 2 - then, they'll have a better chance at getting their spells off when you need them to. I would agree the lion banner isn't that great unless you're playing a lot of scary stuff. Amulet and the gem aren't worth it in my opinion. You would be better off bolstering the magic and getting more troops.

    Champion in the Shadowwarrior is worthless, you might as well get another shadow warrior.

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