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    First new book list 2000pts

    Hi all,

    I have been writing a tactica in my spare time, but thought I would share a list I have had a bit of success with in the limited battles I have had since the new book came out.


    Noble: 151pts
    Heavy Armour, Shield
    Amulet of Fire
    Tekamours Gauntlets
    Great Weapon

    Mage Lv2: 185pts
    Dispel Scroll
    Tricksters Pendant

    Mage Lv2: 185pts
    Dispel Scroll
    Sacred Insence


    14 Spearmen: 156 (Trickster mage here)
    Full Command
    Banner of Ellyrion

    10 Archers


    14 Swordmasters: 235pts (Sacred Insence Mage)
    Full Command
    Banner of Arcane Resistance

    14 White Lions: 220pts (Noble here)
    Full Command
    Gem of Courage

    6 Dragon Princes: 190pts

    Lion Chariot

    8 Shadow Warriors


    2 Eagles

    2 RBTS

    Total: 2000pts

    PD: 6
    DD: 4 + 2 Scrolls

    The list has some good anti magic (the tricksters pendant is just mean), some good troops, and a quick side if needed. Both the White Lions and Spears can move through woods easily, and when supported by flank charges from the dragon princes and Lion chariot, they can hold their own. The Shadow warriors can war machine hunt as can the eagles.

    This list could also be modified by taking both mages down to level 1 and dropping the shadow warriors to give another 6 Dragon princes with musician, or by dropping the banner of arcane resistance as well, another unit of 18 spearmen with full command and making the current unit 17 strong. If either of these are an improvement, please let me know.

    ninja out

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