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    5000 points of Death

    Hey there. Its me again with another 5000 point list of doom! I had already tested out my 5000 point Charce theme in a few huge battles, it didnt do as well as I thought it would. Surprised at this, I went back and reviewed my list and created a new, DEFENSIVE list and tested it out. It has dominated so far and I decided to switch out the Charce theme with something a little different and changed up the names of certian items and units. Tell me what u think:

    *Lord Aerandir: (aka Eltharion)
    -w/Longbow, Hvy. Armor, Sword of Twilight, Helm of Khaine, Talismen of the Phoenix, Griffon Ironclaw

    Known to used to be a wise and just ruler, Lord Aeriandir had lead his forces to victory time and time again and was beloved by his people. Now however, to some of the other nobles of Uthlan and his enimies, he is terrible to behold for he never allows his enemies to escape the field and shows little to none mercy to those captured. It has been like this since the day he had placed the Helm of khaine onto his brow after the death of his family and home by the hands of the Dark Elves during a raid, and has changed from being a just, kind man into a man driven by vengence and defends Uthlan from invaders in ways not seen since the time of the Sunduring. He has disobeyed Tyrion and The Phoenix King on many occasions, which has troubled some that he is Aenarion reborned and seems determined to defeat the Dark Elves once and for all. After rebuilding his home in the Northern part of Tor Yvresse, he continues to patrol the area on his Griffin Ironclaw and always keeps his forces prepared to rush to the defence if there land or to mount another attack upon his enimies anywhere he choses.

    *Archamage Teryna:
    -w/HW, Lvl. 4, Book of Hoeth

    *Mage Maglor:
    -w/HW, Lvl. 2. (2x)Dispel Scrolls

    *Mage Finwe:
    -w/HW, Lvl. 2. (2x)Dispel Scrolls

    *BSB Galor:
    -w/BSB, Barded Elven Steed, Dragon Armor, GW, Guardian Phoenix

    *Captian Armrasaka Caradryan)

    Core Units
    *(28x) Spearmen: (7x4)
    -w/full command

    *(28x) Spearmen: (7x4)
    -w/Full Command

    *(10x) Archers (w/Archmage)

    *(10x) Archers (w/Mage)

    *(10x) Archers (w/Mage)

    Speacial Units
    *(27x) Phoenix Guard: (w/Captian Armras) (7x4)
    -w/Musician, Standard

    *(25x) White Lions: (5x5)
    -w/Full Command

    *(25x) White Lions: (5x5)
    -w/Full Command

    *Lion Chariot #1:
    *Lion Chariot #2:
    *Lion Chariot #3:
    *Lion Chariot #4:

    *(5x) Dragon Princes: (w/BS

    Rare Units
    *Bolt Thrower #1:
    *Bolt Thrower #2:
    *Bolt Thrower #3:
    *Bolt Thrower #4:
    *Bolt Thrower #5:

    *Great Eagle #1:
    *Great Eagle #2:
    *Great Eagle #3:
    *Great Eagle #4:

    Well, what do u all think and plz give me tips if u thinl it can be improved a lot better. 8Y

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    I wouldn't put your mages with the archers - let them stay with the spearmen (in the middle) so they can't get flanked. Archers on ldship 8 still panic quite a bit which would ruin your magic phase.

    Is the other guy bringing heavy magic too? I just can't see the necessity for 4 scrolls, maybe an annulian crystal for better defense or something to bulk up your magic phase would be more useful (ie. jewel of dusk, banner of sorcery, etc.)

    Give your bsb a halberd, it will save a few points and he's mounted anyway.

    I personally don't like cadryan. I think you can fit out a cheap noble with armor of calador and a great wpn and that is much more useful than a timebomb that may not go off. Or give him something to enhance the unit he is with.

    Why do you have such huge numbers for your units? Who are you playing against? what type of table (for 5000pts it better be big) Why so many eagles? What are your other options? (ie, do you have any silver helms or other dragon princes, reavers or sword masters)

    I personally would keep the spearmen to the standard size (20) and try to get an extra unit in. You're going to be out numbered, but making your units so huge, you're giving your opponent an edge, in that if he flanks you, you're going to be toast and lose a giant, expensive unit, instead of you maybe fleeing and exposing his flank and then rallying or something.

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    The list looks awesome.

    I've never had a battle over 3000pts and I'm literally salivating over all the stuff you can cram in!SO MUCH POWER.
    And i love the 7 X 4 formations. IMO, thats the premium rank system for High Elves' Core.

    The changes I'd make would be to drop the White Lions down to 7 x 3 each (25 is a bit overkill and with some careful manoevring they should be fine - the seven-strong frontage maximises models in contact with a typical 5x5 unit.

    I'd also drop a bolt thrower and a lion chariot to get into some more Dragon Princes. To be honest, in this list, I think that multiple units of 5 Dragon Princes with just a musician are going to be your best friends. Try and get in another unit and pump them up to six strong.

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