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    Speciel army list

    This is the first time I have made an armylist with this many specielunits. So I just wanted to hear what you think of it, before I play with it.

    Noble; Lance, Heavy Armour, shield, Reaver Bow, Talisman of Loec, ride a great eagle

    Mage; Level 2, Starwood staff, Silver wand

    Mage; Level 2, Seerstaff of saphery, staff of solidity

    Mage; Level 2, Jewel of dusk, Guardian Phoenix

    10 Archers

    20 Spearelves; Sentinel, Standard bearer

    10 Sword masters; Bladelord, Dragonhorn, Standard bearer

    10 Phoenix guards; Keeper of the flame, Standard bearer

    10 White Lions; Guardian, Gem of courage, Standard bearer

    5 Dragon Princes; Drakemaster, Standard bearer, Banner of ellyrion

    Tiranoc chariot

    Repeater boltthrower

    -1997 pts.

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    Hi ,

    In general terms I think that the list looks really good.

    To be honest the only thing that I would really change would be to consolidate two of the special choices in to one larger block. I know that you probably wanted to try and fit White Lions, Phoenix Guard and Sword Masters in to one list but for me at 10 models each they are just a little bit too inafective. One good round of shooting or Magic and they could be running back towards your table edge. If I was you I would choose the one you like the most or that you think will be most effective for your gaming style, (for me would be the Phoenix Guards), and expand them to a unit of 20. This would form a solid centre to your army along with the Spearmen and leave the other unit of 10 as a nice flanking force or to bolster the larger units when the get in to combat.

    Just my opinion but hope it helps.

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    Are these the only models you have to work with? If so, will your opponents let you proxy models?

    You don't have enough models in the units to justify their having standards.
    I would drop a lot of the fancy do-dads and get more troops so they can withstand some shooting and combat (your magic defense ought to be enough 8Y) The noble looks like he has a deathwish. I would get him more armor and stick him in with some troops and use the great eagle on its own (drop the talisman of loec, you're just giving half points to your opponent when you use it). I know you have the dragon horn, but it's one use only and most of you units will have to take multiple psychology tests throughout the game, so maybe fitting some musicians in would be useful. One of you mages should take the ring of fury and when one of the units is brought up to a respectful unit size (15-20 depending on which unit, imo WL and PG can probably hang out around 15, but SM are highly susceptable to shooting & magic so they should be around 20) get the banner of sorcery so you mages can cast more than one spell a turn.

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