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    750 Double's Tournament Army

    Ok so I'm entering a double's tournament at my local store with my brother and his WE army. The only criteria is that we must each have a hero capable of being the genral for our force and we must fulfil the criteria for a standar 1500 army between us. No extra specials and rare slots for me I'm afraid.

    My brothers WE army consists roughly of the following:

    Alter Noble
    Lvl 1 Branchwraith
    10 Glade Guards
    10 Glade Guards
    8 Dryads
    5 Glade Riders

    I wanted to come up with something that compliments this army and between the two of us covers most of the things we need.

    Here is the list I'm thinking of

    Lvl 2 Mage with Silver Wand and Ring of Fury, (may change these for Guardian Phoenix and Jewel of Dusk.
    18 Spearelves with full command.
    5 Dragon Princes with full command and Banner of Ellyrion.
    Repeater Bolt Thrower

    This will leave me with 63 points left over, (73 with altered magic items).

    My main worry about this list is that between us we don't have alot of hard hitting units. Really just the Dragon Princes Alter Noble and Dryads. We do however have a fair amount of shooting especially as I know he give his noble the Hail of Doom Arrows. I would also like something to slow the enemy down but as we only are allowed 1 rare slot I don't want to give up the RBT.

    I would really appreciate any ideas you all have about what to do.

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    Well with the current points allowance, for slowing things down, how about dropping 3 spearmen and getting yourself 6 shadow warriors with the remaining points, (using the cheaper magical items).

    That will give you march blockers, allowing you more time to whittle the enemy down.

    ninja out
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