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    ~1000 balanced list~

    ~I've decided that the HE boards would be more active with more posts, and more chances to post one's experiences.

    ~This list is one of the more balanced lists that I've made:
    -Noble, Radiant Gem of Hoeth, Heavy Armour, Great Weapon -142
    If you've looked at my other list, this is the guy I stick with Lore of Beast to give him 6 Str 6 attacks and Toughness 4. A good general.

    -Mage, level 2, Jewel of Dusk -150
    This mage will most likely take High Magic, as it is most always useful.

    -Spearmen (20) Full Command
    Mage is be kept here.

    -White Lions (10) Full Command
    The Noble will stay here to hurt folks.

    -Ellyrian Reavers (5)
    These guys will be here to bait charge other units and to march block.

    -Dragon Princes (5) Standard Bearer, Banner of Ellyrian
    These shall counter-charge anything that rears its ugly head, as well as charge anything that bait charges the Reavers.

    Another march blocker and war machine killer.

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    Well I think it's enough posts around but you've got a point there.;Y

    I quite like your list but it's some weird numbers there, like fielding WL 6+5 and I also think spearmen in a 7X3 formation could be shrinked to 17 spearmen plus your mage for 6X3.

    Drop either the eagle or the ellyrions though I would prefer dropping the ellyrions. You really just need one of them for the role they will fill. Then you will have some spare points for some SM!;Y
    5000p. High Elves
    1000p. Eldar

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    I really like this list it seems very well balanced for such a small points cost army. My only concern is the noble acting as your general he is very under protected and will die very easily in CC. relying on getting a spell to increase his CC effectiveness will work once against one opponent thereafter any competent opponent will ensure its dispelled and your general is dead as soon as CC occurs. I like magic heavy armies as i believe the Elves are a very magical race and this type of army represents the fluff in the army book well, however, basing your tactics on being able to get off one spell at the right time, every time is not likely to be very successful IMHO. I would put him on a barded steed with a lance if you want to keep the Radiant gem or drop it and give him the AoC if not. Good luck what ever you decide to do.

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